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Want an Easy Fix for Your CBD Vape Cartridges? Read This!

It’s not uncommon to experience problems with CBD vape cartridges, especially if you’re vaping regularly. However, issues with vape cartridges don’t have to mean that they are low-quality. It’s nearly always something that you may be doing wrong, such as not cleaning them regularly.

If your cartridge definitely seems to be dead, make sure you buy a new one from a provider that offers high-quality CBD vape cartridges with organic CBD oil tested by a third-party lab – to see more, click here. But before you do, check out the easy fixes below that might breathe new life into your cartridge.

Unclog Your CBD Vape Cartridge 

One of the most common problems with vape cartridges is when they become clogged. That usually happens when you don’t clean your cartridge regularly, so the CBD oil residue stops the airflow.

You can try to dislodge any dry residue that may be preventing the normal airflow by picking it out with a safety pin or needle. Once you do, clean the cartridge thoroughly to make sure that there are no more clogs. Cleaning it will also ensure a better flavor because all that residue can produce a burnt taste.

Use isopropyl alcohol or warm water (whichever your device’s instructions recommend) and cotton swabs to gently wipe out any residue and get your cartridge, mouthpiece, and other elements as good as new. Make sure you’ve previously heated up the tank, as it will be easier to clean everything.

Clear Out the Air Bubbles

If you don’t store your vape cartridge with the mouthpiece up, you might have trouble taking a normal drag. That's likely because air bubbles have formed in the cartridge, and they’re preventing your CBD oil from getting absorbed.

Slowly heating up the CBD oil should clear out the air bubbles. If it doesn’t, locate the rubber under the mouthpiece and remove it a couple of times. That will put a bit of pressure on the bubbles, causing them to move and clear out.

Reduce the Wattage

If you’re going overboard with the wattage, the wick at the base of your cartridge is probably drying very quickly. That might be causing the coils to burn, making you think they are faulty or low-quality. Consequently, burnt coils might be causing your vape juice to have a burnt flavor.

To keep your coils operating properly for a long time, and enjoy a satisfying flavor, keep the wattage within the recommended range. All the coils have that range on the label, so read it and stick to it.

Warm Up Your CBD Oil

Have you exposed your CBD vape cartridge to cold temperatures recently? If you have, maybe it’s not “pulling” because the cold has caused the CBD oil to thicken.

If you notice such a change in the viscosity of your CBD oil content, simply warm it up a bit. Many vapers do it with a hairdryer, as it’s the fastest way. If you use a hairdryer, make sure you keep it about 6 inches away from the cartridge and don’t blow into it for more than 30 seconds.

Another way to warm it up is to drop it into a waterproof plastic bag (such as the kind used for smartphones) and place it in a warm cup of water. It should have your CBD oil ready to go in a couple of minutes.

Make Sure the Vape Cartridge and Battery Are Connected

If you overtighten your cartridge, it may not be properly connected to the battery, so you may not be able to “pull”. It’s a widespread problem among newbies, but it’s the easiest one to solve.

You simply need to unscrew the cartridge slightly. Every time you screw it to the battery, do it slowly until you hear that “click” sound. That means they’re properly connected, and the heating element is in the right place to make the necessary link for “pulling.”

If that doesn’t solve the problem, the heating element might be pushed too deep. Use a paper clip to pull it up gently, and the issue should be fixed.

Have You Managed to Fix Your CBD Vape Cartridge?

Did any of these fixes work for you? If your cartridge is still not “pulling,” perhaps the issue lies in your battery. When was the last time you replaced it? Maybe now is the time.

And have you actually checked if it’s charged? If that was the problem, then you have no problem, dear vaper. It happens to all of us, so laugh it off and get back to your CBD vaping.

If none of these fixes solved a problem with your CBD vape cartridge, feel free to give us a shout. We'll help you identify the cause and continue enjoying your CBD.