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5 Ways To Save Money On Vape Juice


Are you a passionate vaper?  If yes, how does saving money on vape juice sound to you? Even though vaping is generally not that expensive, and maybe you found the best vape shop in your surroundings, various vaping costs can build up to a sufficient amount that can easily be reduced with just a couple of small changes.

Sometimes, it’s hard to track precisely how much money is spent on vaping. Maybe it doesn’t seem as much at first, but spending small amounts of money over more extended periods can unnecessarily sum up to a higher cost. To help you, below you will find five tips that will undoubtedly save you some money on vape juice.

Stop Wasting Vape Juice

One of the most common mistakes among vapers is the unnecessary waste of vape juice because it’s inexpensive. This leads to losing the bottles or storing them incorrectly, so they just go to waste. So we advise you to pay attention to spending and using your juice is probably the most important step when looking to save some money.

Additionally, many people use up a lot of vape juice because of the low nicotine strength. To fix this, a simple switching to a higher nicotine strength vape juice will save up a considerable amount of money because you will use less to satisfy your needs.

Another thing important to remember is not to use maximum power output. To put it simply, the more power you use, the more juice you vaporize, the faster you will go through your supplies. Instead, try switching to the lower power output since this will save you a lot of juice that’s probably not even getting used to the fullest.

Make Your Own Vape Juice

The majority of vapers won’t even consider this step because they think making personal vape juice requires a lot of time, effort, skill, and knowledge. This is far away from the truth; anyone is capable of making their vape juice. 

Some even prefer it to store-bought juices because it allows them to alter the juice taste to please their palate. There are two ways of making your vape juice. The first one is to invest in short-fill juices. They are underfilled, so there is enough room in the bottle to add the desired amount of concentrated nicotine. 

In this way, you can get a bottle of vape juice with a larger amount of nicotine, which will last you longer! The second way of making your juice is to make it on your own from scratch! It is also an even cheaper alternative than buying short-filled vape juices. 

It saves you more money but requires more time and effort. Also, it’s recommended to have some previous experience with vaping when starting blending. All in all, by combining VG, PG, nicotine, and additional flavors, you will be able to create custom blends for your pleasure.

Create a Budget and Keep a Record

To make some smart purchases and avoid “impulsive” shopping sprees, it’s helpful to be your own bookie. All you need to do for this step is to record all your vape juice purchases in one place.

This way, you will get a better insight into how much money you spend on vape juice. With this, try to eliminate all unnecessary purchases by setting a budget that will help you think about every purchase before committing to it. You will soon realize that half of the products you buy don’t mean you need them.

Watch Out For Special Offers

This is probably the easiest step you can do in order to start saving some money on vape juices. Simply visit your favorite brands and shops often, and subscribe to their newsletter. This way, you will immediately get notified if a sale or clearance is going on, so you can get your favorite products sometimes for half of the original price. Check out vape craft Inc for the latest offers.

You can follow your favorite brands on social media as well, since the majority of brands often have giveaways where you can easily score some products for free, especially around holidays!

Shop Online

Sometimes, the best way to get a great deal for both quality and price is to go online. Online shops are almost always cheaper than local businesses, and regularly have products on sale.

An even better alternative is buying wholesale because buying larger quantities means a lower price for a single product. And again, always pay attention to the clearance or sale part of the shop!


In conclusion, there are a lot of possibilities to cut the costs spent on vape juice. All you need is to pay attention to when and where you are buying. Also, there is the most affordable option of all, and that is making your own.

Following any of these steps will save you a considerable amount of money over time, so the sooner you start, the more money you will save!