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Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is proudly made in Malacca (the historical city of Malaysia). Nasty Juice Malaysia shared that they have spent 6 months of research and development. They gathered copious amounts of survey data to develop the perfect fruity flavours. Their research have shown that people prefer low mint vapes. Due to the low mint preference from their research findings, their bestsellers are mostly simple fruity flavours that are a blast to vape.

Nasty’s flavours are available in 40ml, in contrast with the widely available 30ml flavours. Even though this brand is relatively young, the product is very high in demand all over Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Unlike many other flavours that come in glass or plastic bottles, Nasty Juice Malaysia comes in lightweight and sturdy aluminium packaging. This makes shipping and handling worry free. If you haven’t tried their flavours, please do so.

Nasty Juice's Low Mint series is extremely tasty and a blast to vape. Their new Double Fruity range of flavours are more complex yet equally tasty!