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Cloud Niners

This product is proudly made in Malaysia with your wallet and cloud chasers in mind. The flavours are simple fruity flavours that are also a joy to chain vape due to it’s high VG content. Due to this fact, the throat hit from Cloud Niners juices is minimal and vapor production tends to be amazing. It is also available in 55ml, making it way cheaper for chain vapers than the traditional e-juices. The product is available all over Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Unlike many other flavours that come in glass bottles, the e-juices comes in plastic packaging which makes international shipping & handling worry free. Order this all day vape worthy flavour today, you will not regret it. This flavour is truly delectable and a blast to vape. The e-liquid is so aromatic that it is easily distinguishable the moment you open up the top cap of the bottle.