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Blackcurrant E-Liquids

Used in jams, jellies and cordials, the blackcurrant is an amazing flavour for vape juices. Its sweet sourness makes it a perfect addition to any all-day vape juice. For those who love blackcurrant flavours, we have a whole range of blackcurrant e-liquids in our store. And similar to most fruits, there are also various cultivars of blackcurrant, each having its own distinct flavour. Some flavours are more popular than others, of course.

For example, blackcurrants with a slightly bitter finish might not be as desirable if used on their own. But each of these flavours, when distilled and used in vape juices, can uplift or accentuate other flavours. It’s up to the brewers to create masterpieces that vapers can enjoy.

Some are mixed with other fruits, like AJ Vape’s Mango Blackcurrant or Fcukin Flava’s Honeydew Blackcurrant. Others are served up as drinks flavoured vape juices like Ribena or in fruit punches. However you may like your blackcurrant e-liquid, there are endless options available. Try them now!