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May 04, 2017

About this video:

Jeannette & Jeremy vape One Hit Wonder by The Man and talk about other juices from the United States.

Show notes:

First of all, oops, we forgot to turn on the camera... and apologies, the connection with Facebook wasn't too great this time. :(

Five Pawns has deliciously complex flavours. It's one of our favourite brands. 

One Hit Wonder is super value for money – it comes in an 180ml bottle for only $46.99. It also comes with two smaller unicorn bottles so you can carry your juice around. 

In the UK, people use the word "blud" to address their friends. It's like "bro" or "mate". Super cool! 

If you produce or distribute vape juices, feel free to send us samples. Drop us a message on our website to get in touch!

Mountain Oak is another one of our favourite flavours from the US. If you like tobacco flavours, try their Applewood. But our favourite is still The Mad Queen by Throne Liquids.

We don't do vape tricks. We suck! :( If you've got any tips for us, feel free to share!

The best setting for the Vgod RDTA is six wraps of Clapton coil at 30mm diameter. (Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.)

Hustler Bold is $11.99 in store.

One really underrated vape juice brand is Vintage Brew. They have really great tea flavours. It's sold out on our store right now but do let us know if you love this brand. 

Vaping is still banned in some parts of the world. But people are still allowed to smoke. :(

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