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Live Show: Happy Mother's Day and Promo Code!

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About this video:

It's Mothers' Day this weekend! Jeannette & Jeremy talk about the promo code to get 20% off on The Mother.

Show notes:

What are you guys doing for your mom this weekend? Make sure you do something to appreciate her! 

Here at Vape Club, we're celebrating Mothers' Day by offering a discount on The Mother! Use promo code 'THEMOTHER2017' to get 20% off. 

The Mother is one of the three e-juices produced by Throne Liquids and is one of the most controversial.

The Mad Queen is extremely popular in the Middle East and among people who love vaping shisha flavours. Some say that it tastes just like Al-Fakher's Double Apple shisha. 

The Lady also has its fans. It's a beautifully layered mango flavour that's extremely refreshing and fragrant, without being too sweet. 

To get the best flavour out of The Mother, use a sub-ohm tank or dripper and fire it at at least 30W. This is when the flavour really starts to emerge. 

If you haven't tried it already, now's the time to get it. For a limited time only, The Mother is on discount. Use promo code 'THEMOTHER2017' when you shop

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