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April 11, 2017

Malaysian brewers are known for their skill in producing some of the best fruit-flavoured vape juices in the world. 

While American brewers may have made their mark by creating some of the best creamy vape juices, fruit-flavoured juices that are manufactured and steeped in Malaysia are no doubt the best in the world. 

But there are some brewers who do it better than others. And of course, there will be brewers who pick the same base flavours to start with.

In this video, we compare five different honeydew flavours. Some are straight-up single-fruit flavours, while others have other ingredients – like candy – mixed in.

Check it out! ↓

Cloud Niners topped the list of honeydew flavours reviewed. They have other delicious flavours too! Check out our video review of some of their newer flavours.

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