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Why Are High-End E-juice so famous yet Underrated?

July 01, 2021


While visiting any vape store, the first thing you will notice is the assortment of colorful pods, bottles, cartridges filled with e-juices containing flavors such as candy, bubblegum, etc., and the famous high end e juice. The methodology followed while making these flavored e-juices is quite simple. You have to heat all the ingredients in e-cigarettes and obtain an aerosol that you can use to inhale. E-juice has become the primary choice of customers today. The reasons behind the same are multifold, like no discolored fingers, no odor, no dangerous toxins, etc. However, despite being so famous, these flavored e-juices are often under-rated. Today, we will see the reasons behind the fame and why it is so under-rated amongst youth. So, let us commence the exciting journey!

Compelling reasons behind High end E-juice famous amongst today's generation

The surveys reveal that while vaping, the essential component that users look for is the e-liquid that they choose. Other imperative features like convenience to use, no odor, etc., make it a favorite product amongst the younger generation. Let us see some of these features in detail to get a comprehensive understanding of their popularity.

  • No discolored fingers 

Often you have to face issues such as discolored and faded fingers while smoking cigarettes or tobacco. Further, stains accompany your nose, mouth, and teeth too. But while vaping through E-juice, you do not have to encounter any of such issues. Your fingers remain clean and free from yellow-brown nicotine stains. 

  • No bad odor

E-juice does not produce any odor, but on the contrary, it comes with multiple flavors giving you an enriching experience. No bad smell accompanies you, as in the case of smoking tobacco. Further, you can vape anywhere you want, and there is no need to find an appropriate place.

  • Lower cost

A cigarette pack usually lasts for 3-4 days for passive smokers, while E-juices containing liquid can extend for two to three weeks. Thus, these are much more affordable than the traditional method of smoking. Further, with only three ingredients in the liquid, i.e., nicotine, glycerin, and glycol, you can even make E-juice at your home.

  • No dangerous toxins

When you vape E-juice, there are no residuals or dangerous toxins that accompany you like tar or toxins like hydrogen, cyanide, carbon monoxide, etc. At the same time, the traditional mode of smoking involves the emissions of ashes, lead, arsenic, and whatnot. Studies reveal and confirm that vaping is approximately 95% safer than any other method like smoking.  

  • Health improvement 

E-juices tend to enhance physical fitness, reduce negative health symptoms, intensify the senses of taste and smell, etc. Thus, with many benefits, it drags many individuals. They get sensory satisfaction with the added convenience of multiple health benefits. 

Thus, you see, these are some of the privileges that make high-end e-juice famous and popular amongst today's generation. However, despite its lot of perks, it is underrated. Researchers lay down many reasons behind the same. Let us have a look at some of them.

Why are high-end e-juices underrated despite being so famous?

Studies unveil that the principal reason why these beneficial e-juices are underrated is because of their side effects. The weight of side effects is much more than the perks and profits associated with it. Since people prefer their health more than anything else, they tend not to include these e-liquids in their daily routine. Let's unfold other reasons behind the same.

  • Inflammation

A study revealed that vaping of e-juices activates and triggers immune system response due to which the users experience inflammation. Lungs and throat are the most affected body parts, but a recent 2018 study highlighted that it could damage white blood cells, which is not good.

  • Toxicity

Even nicotine-free E-juices can react with the body cells in a toxic manner. Repeated and constant exposure to e-cigarettes leads to cell death which hurts lungs and other allergies that make their home in your body. Further, even your heart can experience many issues with the constant use of these juices.

  • Poor smoking experience

Apart from various wellness side effects, users also complain that E-juice offers a poor "smoking" experience. With no strong "throat hit" and enough "smoke," users tend to return to regular cigarettes. For all these inconveniences, individuals do not use them much.

  • Fixation

Studies even show that with the continuous use of E-juices, individuals develop a strong inclination towards them. With the constant urge to use these juices, it becomes difficult for them to stay away from it, thus inviting multiple health issues.

Thus, you see these side effects are so critical that people deliberately do not want to choose e-juice. They are more inclined towards their traditional way of smoking which, according to them, provides them with the needed convenience. Further, the vaping industry is nascent, and it will take much time for people to understand and realize its true worth.


Vaping through E-juices has lately attracted many users. Its buzz is experienced amongst today's generation a lot. They want to try it, but the lack of scientific proof and studies forces them not to step ahead. Since there are many side-effects associated with it, people resist using it. Everybody wants to live a wholesome life and not be prone to any health ill effects. For all these reasons, E-juices are underrated amongst youth today.