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The do's and don'ts of proper vaping

August 18, 2021

With a booming surge in demand for vaping products, it is difficult for any beginner with zero experience to navigate through the market. Which product? What brand? Why vaping?

Vaping provides a safe alternative to smoking and nicotine use that is harmful to your lungs. Inhaling the vapors eliminates the need to burn the nicotine products to generate smoke. When ignited, the charred micro-particles may enter your lungs and cause lung infections and throat burns. But with vaping, you can eliminate harm as you inhale the vapors generated from an e-liquid that supplies you the nicotine without the micro-particles. We recommend cannabis CBD vape pens for a safe and quality experience with vaping.

New to vaping? Here are some tips for beginners:

⦁ Know your vape: familiarise yourself with the vaping device, e-juice, types, and what you want to consume.

⦁ Vaping device: the device consists of a cartridge, a mouthpiece, a heater, and a battery. When switched on, the battery heats the e-juice to generate vapors that you can inhale with the device's mouthpiece. Research the brand with excellent reviews and is available in your area or delivers their product in your area.

E-juice: juice is the liquid substance mixed with MCT to vaporize at the heater's temperature. You can choose different types of e-juice according to your personal preference. You may go for vape marijuana, CBD vape juice or CBD full spectrum, or nicotine products. We recommend cannabis CBD vape pens as a safe and viable option for beginners.

⦁ Types: vape pens are available in reusable and one-time use vape pens. Reusable or refillable pens come with a rechargeable battery and replaceable cartridge or e-juice tank. One-time vape pens come with a charged battery and a switch.

⦁ Read the instructions that come with the vape kit- Carefully follow through the step-by-step process of assembling and inserting the battery or cartridge of your chosen favorite. It is always good to run a test before you take the first puff. Please switch it on and allow the battery to heat the liquid. If the vape pen is with a sensor, you will have to breathe to activate the sensor and the heating coil. The heating coil heats the e-juice that generates vapors that the vaper inhales.

⦁ MTL vs. DTL: mouth to lung vs. direct to the lung are two ways to distinguish vaping methods.

⦁ Mouth to lung: it means that you savor the taste, flavors, and aesthetics in your mouth when you inhale the vapors. The cannabinoids and flavonoids in the vapors are absorbed by the mouth first hand before it enters the bloodstream through the lungs. It is more appropriate for beginners.

⦁ Direct to lungs: you inhale the vapors so that it directly reaches your lungs. More product reaches your lungs and is available for absorption, including cannabinoids and flavonoids. As a result, it also hits you faster than the MTL method.

⦁ Start slow: for beginners, you might not know how your body reacts to CBD vaping and how much tolerance you have for the hemp-derived CBD extracts. Start with the lowest concentration over days. For example, 1 ml of 1% of e-liquid for four puffs a day. It will contain 10 mg of CBD and will last 4 days. Move on to 3% and 5% gradually.

Dos and don'ts:

⦁ Clean your equipment: clean your vaping equipment every once in a while when changing the e-juice cartridge in the device. Remove the battery and submerge your tank in warm water to get rid of the dirt and flavors.
⦁ Store safe: although e-juice has a long shelf life, it is necessary to store them in a place where they don't lose their potency and flavors. Best to avoid sunlight and hot weather. Keep it stored in a cold, dry place or according to the instructions on the product.
⦁ Try out new flavors: once you settle in with your vaping techniques and vape pens, you might want to try new flavors and mixes. The taste and experience differ from flavor to flavor. Some extracts are accentuated with certain flavors, while some might kill the effect. Some additives like Tumeric will raise the body immunity, while some spice flavors will burn your throat for authentic cannabis feels.
⦁ Experiment: try out different mixes like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolated extracts and determine what suits you the best. Try out propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in varying ratios with the CBD extract to balance the effects with flavors.
⦁ Stay hydrated: when vaping, the vapors might cause dry mouth called vapers tongue. Stay hydrated as the vape oils may cause dehydration due to excessive metabolization of water molecules.


⦁ Don't be hasty: learn before you begin to vape. Don't inhale the smoke that is too big for you. Start with small puffs of smoke for MTL so that you don't cough.
Take your time. Let the first puff hit you before you move on for the next one. Don't get on the train of continuous puffing that might strike you all at the same time.

⦁ Don't vape in closed space: be discreet but not be untraceable. Vaping in closed spaces can cause suffocation and mind fog. Instead, be wise in use in your room and ask for some privacy.

⦁ Do not use vape pens in the vicinity of children and people against it: it comes to every vaper as a typical ethic that prevents you from vaping in front of small children. Avoid the use in front of people who are not comfortable with you vaping. Instead, educate them in the matters of vaping and CBD.

⦁ Don't charge overnight: vaping kit is your key to a good time. Do not charge it overnight, as it might cause the battery to saturate and ruin it for use. It might wear down the battery or even destroy the device.

⦁ Don't use: please refrain from using it if you are underage and uninformed about the vaping benefits and side effects. In addition, individuals with asthma or any form of lung-related issues might worsen with the use.

With simple instructions and straightforward use, vape pens and kits are the most preferred investment for regular use vapers. Many chain smokers have switched from nicotine products to CBD e-juice for its non-addictive elements and controlled results. Often used at night for insomnia and pain relief, CBD vape is also known for its medication against epilepsy and arthritis. Vaping is a good switch from potentially toxic substances and must be advocated with the correct precautions and ethics of use.