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Is Weed From Weed Delivery Service in Burnaby Expensive?

June 15, 2021

Weed delivery services have become a hugely popular method of buying weed supplies ever since Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis. However, since every territory in Canada has its 
laws and regulations, the prices can differ from one area to another.

If you live in Burnaby, there are plenty of delivery services you can hire to bring you all the weed supplies you need. However, the price depends on the strain of weed, quality of service, distance from the store, and a few other factors. So stay with us, and we’ll tell you more about pricing and available products for weed delivery in Burnaby.

Price ranges based on the classification

Generally, most weed delivery services offer many different types of weed that belong to a few distinctive marijuana categories. According to the marijuana grading system, strains labeled AAAA are considered the best premium strains available. AA strains are also known as budget buds, and you can also buy pure Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Naturally, those strains that have the highest rating are the most expensive, and the price goes down together with the quality of the plant.  

Here’s a quick overview of the prices you can expect to see all across Burnaby.

AA - budget-friendly pricing

Strains of weed labeled AA are high-quality strains made according to the best industry practices. You can find a few dozen AA strains in most shops, and their price depends on volume and THC levels. Those strains that offer the highest THC levels are usually more expensive than those with lower levels. 

Most AA strains have a THC level between 18% and 21%, which is considered medium potency. The pricing varies from $10 to $35 for 3.5 grams of pure weed. The most expensive strains include Bruce Banner, Four Star General, Kosher Kush, Blueberry, Violator, Strawberry Banana, and many others. If you want to save your cash but still get some great strains, some of the cheapest options are Berry White, Lemon Skunk, Black Tuna, PInk DIablo, and so on. 

AAA - medium-priced high-quality buds

If you’re looking for weed strains that offer an excellent mix of quality, flavor, and price, AAA-labeled strains are your best option. AAA strains are extremely popular among experienced potheads because they usually have a strong kick and long-lasting effects. As you can expect, these strains are a little bit more expensive than AA strains, but they also offer higher THC levels, which makes all the difference.

Most AAA strains have a THC level between 20% and 23%, which is relatively high. That’s why it’s an excellent choice for beginners looking for something that will blow their minds. Most strains belonging to this class are very potent, and their prices vary from $15 to $35 for 3.5 grams of herb. Some of the most popular AAA strains include Grape Ape, Mimosa, El Chapo, Wappa, Jet Fuel, Strawberry Cough, Cherry Bomb, etc. 

AAAA - premium top-quality strains

We are finally getting to the best strains the industry has to offer. AAAA premium strains are highly popular among seasoned potheads that prefer smoking only the best weed money can buy. All of the strains with this label are practically hybrids made with the highest levels of THC possible. 

Strains that belong to this category have THC levels between 24% and 28%, which is the highest THC content available. No matter which strain you try, it will have a strong, immediate effect that provides all of the benefits marijuana has to offer. The prices of AAAA weed vary between $19 and $45 for 3.5 grams, but you can find some sweet deals when buying in bulk. Most potheads agree that the premium strains are the best choice because the same amount of weed lasts much longer due to highly potent effects.

Some of the most popular AAAA strains are Blackberry Platinum, Venom OG, El Jefe, Star Killer, Ambrosia, Green Crack God, Death Bubba, Tom Ford, Ace Of Spade, and many others.

Other options

If you’re too lazy to roll your own weed, you can also buy pre-rolls in multiple sizes. On the other hand, if you feel like trying other cannabis products, the best weed delivery services have a wide choice of cannabis products, including CBD, concentrates, edibles, vapes, accessories, and so on. That way, you can get everything you need to enjoy your weed in the best possible way from a single store.

Final Words

Burnaby is currently one of the areas in Canada where weed is super popular. As such, you can find many different weed delivery services with impressive offers designed for real potheads and cannabis lovers. The good thing is that there is something for everyone’s budget, so you shouldn’t have problems finding something that suits yours.