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February 23, 2020

Although we are all well aware of the health risks that are associated with smoking. However, it is still difficult to quit smoking altogether and especially if you are someone who can smoke off almost an entire packet in a single day itself, getting out of this habit is a challenge within itself.


When you stop taking in tobacco, your body is deprived of its fixed intake of nicotine and therefore your body will go through physical withdrawal symptoms due to nicotine’s "feel-good effect", you will switch on the to cigarettes if you are unable to control yourself as it had been your way of dealing with depression, anxiety, and even boredom. If you quit it you have to immediately find out different ways to cope with these issues because as a matter of fact as long as you are alive they will be an integral part of your life. Therefore you will only be successful in your objective to quit tobacco if you can find out ways to deal with the negative issues in your life.


Smoking is a habit that gets infused in our system since we have our first cigarette stick. Voluntarily or involuntarily we go in to have cigarettes while we have our morning tea or coffee, taking a break from work or while you are traveling back home from your hectic day at work. Also when people around you like your friends and family smoke, you may eventually find it a way to integrate with them well.


You must remember that you are not a slave of the cravings. It will be hard but you must make up your mind that you will be getting off from this addiction. Your willpower is your biggest weapon in this case. When there is an urge to smoke arises and it is severe, it will pass out within the next ten minutes whether or not you smoke a cigarette or take on nicotine gum. If you can control yourself from having either of them -you have won the battle. 


Ways to Resist Tobacco Cravings for Life

  1. Try out different nicotine replacement techniques such as the following :

    - Prescribe nicotine in a nasal spray /inhaler
    - Over the counter nicotine patch, gum or lozenges
    - Medications to stop nicotine cravings like Buproprionand varenicline
    - Apart from all these, there have been initial studies done on e-cigarettes and vaping devices available from different sources including Puffbar (https://puffbar.com) and various other online and street marts that are effective in reducing the cravings. There is still further research that has to be done to solidify this theory.
    - While conducting experiments, researchers at Harvard Medical School found out that 18 percent of the volunteers who took on e-cigarettes stopped smoking compared to only 10 percent of them who used nicotine replacement therapy. Also, reports of cough and phlegm production were drastically low amongst those who were vaping compared to the nicotine therapy group.

  2. It has been found out that the urges to take a smoke is strong if you have smoked or chewed tobacco involuntarily regularly while sipping on a cup of coffee or when you are stressed out. Find and mark out such situations when it is highly likely for you to have a puff or two. Make a plan in advance so that you have an alternative on how to carry out yourself without the cigarette.

  3. Let's say you suddenly have the urge to smoke a cigarette. Just remind yourself at that very instant that you will have it a few minutes later. Surprisingly you will find out that the more you delay to lighten up the cigarette the sooner the tobacco pinning dies off. Also, you can do something else or go somewhere that will distract you and thus finish off your craving. Practice this technique every time you have an urge and this will gradually drift you away from such desires. 

  4. Put something into your mouth and try to suppress the impulse for tobacco. Doctors often suggest sugarless gum, hard candy or much of it carrots, nuts, etc. All of these are techniques you can apply to distract yourself from the compulsion. 

  5. Physical workouts can also be a way that you can apply to fight these cravings. Short bursts of physical activity can reduce craving intensity drastically. For example-running up and down the stairs, going out for a walk or jog can reduce the urge instantly.

  6. You may be manipulated to have a single stick of cigarette thinking that it will not make much of a difference, but it will surely do and you will end up being addicted to tobacco yet once again..Therefore fight back your urge and do not have even a single stick of cigarette.

  7. Smoking is often seen as a primary method of dealing with stress. When you find out you are under a lot of stress because resisting the tobacco craving can add to your already loaded stress. Fight out against this bag of stress by polishing various relaxation techniques including muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization or listening to calm music.

  8. If possible search for help to deal with your problem online. Join support groups. Post encouraging thoughts for others who are fighting their inner demons like you. Try to learn about those who have come out of this experience successfully and use their stories as your inspiration.


The above-mentioned ways should be more than enough to make someone quit smoking. Even after that if you think you are still unable to just remember your loved ones are always u there for you for consulting and offering you any sort of help you may need to fight this addiction, You may also find someone amongst your loved ones who is doing the same thing as you. In that case, both of you can join hands and overcome this craving and move on forward towards a healthy life.