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How Can You Make Your Own CBD Oil?

April 09, 2021


Are you tired of buying CBD oil all the time? Well, making your own CBD oil could be a better choice because it will also help you save some cash. While more people turn to CBD oil to relieve pain, fight inflammation and improve their well-being, more studies are attesting to its therapeutic effects. Everyone wants to know how to prepare their CBD oil. Making cannabidiol oil is a straightforward process as you only require a base oil and hemp. The Ministry of Hemp has also come forward to help understand how to transform hemp into a bottle of CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil?

It’s a well-purified hemp extract that is infused with carrier oil. Hemp contains less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol; therefore no ‘high’ effects. This cannabis variety has vast quantities of cannabidiol, especially hemp flowers. Many people chose to use CBD hemp flowers fully legal, unlike psychoactive weed. So, it's easy to access the hemp flower both local and online.

Methods of Making CBD Oil


There are two different methods of preparing your CBD oil, which include alcohol and oil techniques. However, the oil method is more popular on the market as all its ingredients offer vital health pros to the human system.

Alcohol Method

Also called the ethanol process and it’s an excellent option for newbies because it doesn’t need professional skills and equipment to extract the CBD oil. Ethanol is the extracting medium and the more preferred for it doesn’t cause a bad taste or smell like other agents.


  1. Place the hemp into a ceramic pan and add ethanol until it submerges the CBD isolate, then stir the content for around six minutes. Take a wooden spoon to strain the tincture resulting from the procedure.

  1. Use a sieve to isolate the resin from the whole concentrate. Squeeze the concentrate as much as possible. You can repeat the procedure to obtain the maximum resin.

  1. Put the solvent into a double boiler and heat to begin producing bubbles. Heating is meant to remove the alcohol without hiking the temperatures.

  1. Allow the oil to simmer for at least 30 minutes under low temperatures. Once the ethanol has escaped, use the wooden spoon to stir the oil and put off the heating point.

  1. After cooling, you can transfer the oil into your storage container and cover it with a lid. Keep the extract in a chill and dry area.

Oil Method

This is termed as the safest method of extracting CBD oil because it has no unwanted residues. In this process, you require a base oil such as olive or coconut. Remember to use high-quality hemp as dictates your end product.


  1. First, you should select leaves, flowers, and stalks from a quality hemp plant. Decarboxylate the CBD hemp flowers or leaves before the extraction procedure starts. To decarboxylate, the leaves and flowers are placed at 220 degrees F for at least 90 minutes. The heating process helps activate cannabis chemicals.

  1. Combine the ground cannabis with the oil you select using a glass jar. Then put oil into your hemp flower depending on the potency you need in your resulting product. Soak the hemp powder with the base oil.

  1. After the saturation, place the mixture on low heat for at least 3 hours and tighten the jar lid to prevent steam from getting in the oil-hemp buds mixture. Once all the water has dried-up, put off the heater and allow the blend to cool for several hours. 

  1. After simmering, leave it to sit over the night. The following morning, the CBD tincture is good for consumption. Squeeze the oil with a cheesecloth to get the desired oil.

Pros of Producing Your Own CBD Oil


  • Preparing homemade CBD oil allows you to select the strain of weed to use. Various strains and each of them has varying quantities of terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • It’s a cheaper way of reaping CBD oil benefits because you use simple and natural ingredients.
  • Homemade CBD oil guarantees the quality of your final product as you can go for the highest-quality raw materials to make the oil.

Choosing The Right Carrier Oil

The kind of oil you select for your infusion determines the flavor of the CBD oil because the CBD isolate is tasteless. Oils like MCT oil are neutral and so, your final infused oil is unflavored. You can also select strong-tasting carrier oils such as olive and coconut oils. However, coconut oil contains large amounts of saturated fats when at room temperatures; therefore, heat it before making the CBD oil. Most people prefer using olive oil as it has a strong flavor and antioxidant properties.



You don’t have to be a professional to prepare CBD oil because this guide can help you get quality CBD oils with ease and without using a huge amount of cash. The CBD industry has few regulations, low-quality ingredients, and hiked costs, homemade CBD oils are a better option. You will choose ingredients that are free of herbicides, pesticides, and toxic additives. The best option is to buy from reputable vendors.