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7 Factors That You Should Consider Before Buying Dab Rigs

May 10, 2021

When puffing a joint, some of us may have the feeling like it's not enough; it didn't give you that extra THC kick that you wanted, and you light up another one to fill in the gap. Well, with a dab rig, you can change your habits. As with dab rigs, you will use marijuana extract with a lot more THC than a regular joint.

If you want to try dabbing, then buying a dab rig isn't a bad investment. You can buy it in a shop or get it from an online store that will be delivered to your home. Now let's find out a bit more about dab rigs.

What are Dab Rigs?

A dab rig, or also named oil rig, or concentrate pipe, is a device used for smoking or vaping your favorite extracts like shatters, crumbles, rosins, live resins, sauces, and waxes. 
Dabbing can give you a high kick when puffing it, so dab rigs are made for passionate smokers, medical use, and people who want to try a bit extra than just smoking a regular doobie.

Dab rigs are usually made out of glass. Dab Rig has three main components: a central piece, a nail, and a dabber tool. You will also need a torch-like lighter so that you can adequately heat the wax.

The Pros and Cons of Dab Rigs

The advantages of taking in THC or CBD with a dab rig are:

  • It is one of the cleanest ways to do it. You will be getting your THC or CBD dosage without all the extra plant matter. 
  • Dab rigs make you get straight to the point much faster, and a little dab will be enough. 
  • Not only are they good for your lungs but your wallet too.

And just like everything else, dab rigs have their disadvantages too. 

  • The first one is on the list of the advantages too, and that is their potency. When starting with your dab rig experience, you should be very careful with how much product you're taking in and go slow when it comes to dabbing.
  • Another disadvantage to them is that they should always be of high quality. So, always be careful when buying your dab rig and choose the high-quality ones.

Making sure that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of dabbing is very important for you, so make sure to read it carefully.

How to Use Dab Rigs

For proper usage of dab rigs, you will need a few components, and those are a dab rig, a torch, a dabber or a wand, a bowl of water, weed concentrate, alcohol swab, and a dab nail. Once you prepared all that, let's start with the steps.

  1. The first thing that you should do is fill the tank with water. Blow into the rig down stem to make the water bubble. If water starts to sprinkle up into your mouth, spill some out.
  2. The second step is to season the nail to kludge the pores with carbon from the oils and prevent the percolating.
  3. The third thing you should do is take the wand, put a small amount of your concentrate, and put it aside.
  4. Heat the nail with the torch until it's red hot, and wait until the pin stops glowing.
  5. Put the concentrate onto the nail.
  6. Inhale the product up until there is no more smoke in the camber.
  7. Consume your favorite weed concentrate and enjoy the process.

Make sure to do the process properly; otherwise, you may experience specific difficulties while smoking.  

7 Factors to Consider Before Buying Dab Rigs

There are some factors that you should consider before buying your first dab rig, and we are here to tell you some of them:


  1. Quality Matters - This is the first to consider when buying a dab rig that is high in quality. Although you could go for the cheapest option available, they are most likely to crack from heat or break from mishandling. 
  2. Smaller Mouthpieces - If you go for a dab rig with a smaller mouthpiece, it allows you to taste the flavor, and it won't dampen your chances of finishing a dab. 
  3. Water Filtration - It's not recommended to use a dab rig without water. You don't want your lungs to take the concentrates without cooling off in water first. 
  4. Style - Get a dab rig that will suit your needs best, go over the pros and cons of every type mentioned, and choose the one that is best for you. Keep in mind that smaller dabs give more flavor. 
  5. Dab Tools - Although you might think that you will be able to get upon your dabbing experience with just your dab rig, there are also some accessories that you will need. Some of them are a butane torch used for heating your dab nail and a dabber for applying your dabs. 
  6. Nail Type - Consider that every type of material will give you a different feeling and experience. You will also use them differently. 
  7. Percolators - The best dab rigs come with two or four percolators that don't chop the water too much, but they sure cool down the dabs. 

Please revise the factors and see if dabbing is something that you want to try. 

Final Thoughts

Always buy your dab rigs and your concentrate from certified sellers. Also, make sure to clean your rig after you use it, as you will prepare it for the next one of your favorite puffs.