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August 27, 2020

In recent times, one can quickly notice the rise in the popularity of vaping practices, especially among youths. Vaping involves using e-cigarettes, which is slightly different from traditional smoking methods, like pods and cigarette papers. Smoking Marijuana using any means is not rocket science, but being good at building vapes will not come naturally. You will need practice, patience, and use the right tools to make it happen. Usage of the right vape tools will help perfect the art, and that too, without any additional effort or hassle. It will also help to make your smoking experience smooth and heavenly. 

So if you are a vape snob who wishes to master the craft, then make a note of the following seven essential vape tools as you will surely fall in love with them.

1. Precision Screwdriver Tool Set

A precision screwdriver toolset can help you to vape like a snob. Ensure that you buy it from a good and recognized brand so that if you get any odd screw in the atomizer, you will be ready with the tool. The more the number of extensions, the better it will be for you. There is a wide variety of vape tool kit sets available on the market, and you can choose depending on your budget. Make sure that the screwdriver you are buying is anti-skid and has an anti-static handle. You would not want the tool to slip off when you are working with it.

2. Torch and Butane

When you think about using mesh, it is a good idea to invest in some reliable torch. It is a good idea to buy high-quality butane as it prevents clogging, unlike the low-quality ones. High-quality butane is free from additives and fillers, which significantly impact the taste of the mesh. You will see a noticeable difference if you have used different qualities of the torches. Investing in the butane would give you a better tasting mesh for a long time, and thus the investment is worth it. Make sure to have some refined butane fuel at your disposal if you run out of the same.

3.Blank Drill Bits

Wrapping coils and the rolling mess is made easy with the help of blank drill bits. These tools are very durable and last for many years when you maintain them properly. It would help if you also cleaned them at regular intervals. You can wash and remove the machine oil from the tool by boiling them. You should go for drill bits made up of high-speed steel and contain a higher number of blanks. It is one of the most efficient tools that are great not only for home usage but also to build vape like a pro.


You should have a nice set of syringes or a single syringe with multiple needles to refill your atomizer. It is beneficial in rebuilding purposes too. You can go with the glass syringes for working with 
e-liquids. It is more relevant if you vape menthol, anise, or cinnamon. For genesis style tanks, you can go for the 14, 16, and 18 gauge syringes. It is a standard size for rolling mesh and wrapping coils too. We would recommend going for the needles whose tips are blunt as it will be safe to use. The glass syringes are of high quality, whereas the disposable ones are cost-efficient.

5. Ultrasonic Cleaner

It is a must-have for all vape snobs. It helps in cleaning the drip tips and atomizers. If you have a collection of atomizers, it is a must-have in your collection. Ultrasonic cleaners help in cleaning the atomizing thoroughly and safely without much effort. These are safe and extremely user friendly. They come with a digital display where you can pre-set the cycles, which will shut off automatically. When you buy the cleanser, do check its capacity.

6.Ruler or Tape Measure


To measure the precise cut of mesh wicks, you would need to use some measuring tool. A ruler or standard measuring tape will do the job for you. You can go for high-quality stainless steel 6-inch ruler that you can easily get in any local shop. Go for the rulers that are capable of providing accurate measurements. You can go for the engineer’s rulers where one-inch measure is authentic to its value. Avoid those plastic pre-school rulers as they might not be accurate. Measuring tapes can also prove to be helpful, but go for the branded ones.

7. Microfiber Towel


These are quite efficient in cleaning and polishing. They quickly absorb the spilled juices and also cleans up your expensive mods. You should never use cheap clothes or napkins on your favorite mods and compromise its texture. A microfiber towel can also clean your atomizer. So this means, by using this towel, you will be able to have a clean and mess-free vape building session. We encourage you to invest in a good sheet as it would also help you to polish your mods. There are several choices available on the market. You can buy any of them depending on your budget.


The list here covers all the fundamental tools that a vape snob might need. You will get multiple options from different brands for each device. Just fix your budget and buy the ones that will suit your needs. Do not forget to go through all the options to understand the difference. The best things about these tools are that they are standard household tools. You can use them for many other household purposes apart from the vape building tasks. Investing in good quality tools would be worth the price you pay.

So that’s all about the essential tools that every vape snob should own. Let us know what tools you are using to perfect your vape skills. 

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