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10 Things That You Never Expect From Convection Vapes

August 24, 2021

It is no surprise today that the young generation is tempted towards vaping compared to smoking. Dry herb vape pens and vaporizers are the new favorites among the youth as devices for their recreational activities. It boosts the new-age stoner culture and provides an alternative, healthier path to traditional smoking.

Dry herb vaping operates through different styles of heating herbs or cannabis. The traditional method is conduction heating, but the latest model uses convection to heat the plant material within the devices. Let's have a look at the convection vapes that are becoming way more popular in the market.

How does a convection vape work?

Convection vape transfers heat from the source via hot air or steam to the herbs chamber. The herb or weed is then entirely heated, and you inhale the vapor it creates. Unlike conduction, there is no direct physical contact between the heating coils and the herbs.

Convection vaporizer generally comes in two styles: the balloon and the whip. In the balloon style, the fan turns to move the hot air into the herb, and the vapor created fills the balloon attached to the herb chamber. In the whip method, the hot air moves through the herb during the inhalation; no fan is there in this case.

What do you never expect from convection vapes?

If you are thinking about which vape to buy, conduction or convection, let's make things a bit easier. Here is a list of 10 things that you never expect from convection vapes.


  • Risk of combustion:Convection vapes evenly heat the plant material. It is mainly because of the lack of direct contact between the heating coils and the herb. The hot air smoothly passes from the heat source through the weed. As a result, you do not have to worry about burning herbs. Although the remaining weed in the device may look dull and brownish, the vapor does not smell combusting. 


  • Partial vaporization:Usually, the plant material completely evaporates with no burnt leftovers. The steam passes through the weed and cooks the material in full proportions before vaporization.


  • Low-quality flavor:The flavor quality is something you never need to worry about while using convection vapes. Due to even heating and complete vaporization of the herb with all its essential compounds, you can enjoy the strong flavor of your cannabis without any burning smell.

  • Heating on uneven terms: Unlike in conduction, the heating coils do not directly heat the fukedup herb. So, there is no chance that some parts of the plant will be better heated while the others remain less heated. The herb is situated within a chamber either at the top or at the middle of the device. The chamber separates the heat source to provide some space for the steam to pass. The hot air then surrounds the herb chamber and evenly heats it.

  • Lack of heat customization: You do not lose control over the heating intensity in a convection vape. Convection vape comes with multiple options for setting temperatures. You can set your desired heating temperature and relax. Cannabis produces compounds such as THC when heated at a lower temperature and CBD when heated at high. A lower temperature is preferable as it generates the best flavor.

  •  Inhaling the full content in one session: Convection vape falls under the category of on-demand vaporizers, with a few exceptions. Unlike in-session vaporizers, the herb only heats when the inhalation draws the hot air through the herb. Hence, you can stop your vaping session anytime you want and come back later without the herbs losing their properties. It is not advisable to end a session in a session vaporizer as the herbs still get heated even when you stop inhaling.

  •  Shaking the herbs: The indirect heat transfer does not require rattling or redistributing the herbs in convection vapes. You don't expect your weed to get partially cooked in convection, so no effort is needed to shake the contents in the chamber.

  • Elaborate maintenance: Convection vape, in desktop or portable forms, is easier to use. It does not require special cleaning techniques and can function through little maintenance.

  • Inefficiency and lack of storage: Most convection vapes are bulky desktop models that guarantee larger storage spaces for the herb contents. They are technologically a bit more advanced compared to conduction vapes. So, there is a better efficiency rate in extracting the oils from cannabis like RSO Oil. You can use less marijuana for more extraction of oils such as terpenes.

  • Health Risks: Terpene is an essential aromatic compound found in high concentrations in various plants, including cannabis. The high efficiency of the convection vape ensures that a large amount of terpene is extracted from the heated cannabis. Terpenes create the fresh scent of the vapor you inhale, and it also serves several medicinal benefits. It helps in anti-inflammation, sleeping and acts as an energy booster. Also, burnt herbs produce ash and smoke with chemicals that are hazardous to health. A convectional vape does not burn the material. So convectional vaping is convenient for better health.


    Conduction VS Convection: which is better?

    It has been an ongoing debate for years. Both conduction and convection have potential advantages and drawbacks. It is beyond doubt that convection is the superior method that gives the most satisfying experience. However, convection vapes are also expensive and generally non-portable, so you cannot carry them outside. However, if you want to enjoy the fullest potential of vaping and high-quality flavor, those few extra pennies might be worth it.


    Best models of Convection vapes

    If you decide on a convection vape, you should be aware of the different vape models and their specifications. The top convection vaporizers of 2021 include Mighty, Volcano Hybrid, Firefly 2, among others. Read through it and decide which suits your requirements the most.



    Dry herb vaping has become a way of relaxation in today’s world. Convection vapes provide greater satisfaction. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can go with conduction vapes. The choice you make should entirely depend on your needs. After all, switching to any form of vaping from smoking will only prove advantageous to your health.