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10 places to get deals on CBD cartridges

February 03, 2021


Over the years even while it was still illegal, Cannabidiol has been in high demand with a host of people carrying out sales in small quantities. But, with the legalization of CBD, lots and lots of companies have delved into the study and production of different products using CBD. Because of the bloom of the CBD industry, lots of research has been carried out by companies and different scientists and their research has shown how useful the Cannabidiol can be to the human body when ingested into the body system. This leads to the question of what Cannabidiol or CBD as it is popularly known as is and what is its 
health benefit?

What are Cannabidiol and its benefits?
CBD is an active ingredient that is traced to Cannabis which is derived from the sativa plant, it is one of the 113 cannabinoids that is found in cannabis plants. CBD also makes up 40% of all active ingredients that make up the cannabis plant. When separated from other cannabis ingredients and used alone, is highly medicinal and useful in treating certain health conditions like the epilepsy, anxiety, etc. CBD has been confirmed to be a healing agent for anxiety, depression as it helps improve moods while also posing as a pain reliever. Although it is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, CBD pills and capsules remain illegal in most countries thus giving way to other alternatives to come into play. One of such alternatives is the CBD vape cartridges.

CBD vape cartridges
A CBD cartridge is a small disposable container that contains CBD E-juice which allows you enjoy your daily dose of Cannabidiol anywhere in the world in a legal way. They are one of the best alternatives when you intend to ingest CBD and it is one of the quickest ways of savoring the feeling you get from using CBD. As a beginner, using the cartridge strapped to a battery would help initiate you slowly and easily into the vaping community. These cartridges are available in different varieties and flavors which give you a wide range of options to pick from when trying to get yourself a CBD cartridge. The e-juice content in CBD cartridges ranges between 0.5mg to 1mg and they can be attached to either a vaporizer or a vaping pen. Cartridges are manufactured by different brands and they a so many that as a novice you might have problems in deciding which one you would get.

Places to get deals on CBD cartridges

Below are 10 of the top brands that are making exploits in the CBD production industry. According to research and reviews from previous users, the list shows some of the brands that would guarantee they give you the very best of deals on their CBD cartridges on their websites.

• Just CBD: if you are a very picky person or one who loves to have a wide range of flavor options to pick from then Just CBD is the brand to try out.
Cheef botanical: this brand is one of the top brands which offer you a good deal with getting yourself a cartridge. All ingredients used are natural and have no added preservatives and additives. They offer products like OG Kush, pineapple express, and cactus cooler.

Pure hemp botanicals: the brand focuses on cruelty free, vegan and organic CBD products while also offering customers with a unique design of their cartridge that guarantees optimal airflow and soothing CBD experience. The content of their cartridges ranges from 1000mg to 250mg of full spectrum CBD.

CBDistillery: this brand makes e-juice in two different ways one is the regular strength, where they load the e-juice with 500mg of high standard CBD while the second is the extra strength. The extra strength is loaded with 100mg, you can make your decision based on the potency you want and flavor you enjoy since they make it in different flavor like others do.

• Bloom farms CBD: like other brands, bloom farms offer a 250mg filled cartridge; they but place conscious effort to follow their sustainability, community engagement and wellness company rules. This makes sure that they package their product in a completely recyclable manner and are free of GMO and gluten.

Vape Bright: with Vape Bright, you are to choose between two awesome product lines namely thrive and thrive beyond. Thrive cartridges contain 200mg of full spectrum CBD while thrive beyond contains 250mg making them one of the few top brands that offer that much CBD in a container.

CBDfx: this brand is mostly known for its vape pen, but make no mistake, they offer a nice collection of CBD juice flavor. The vape pen is a pre-charged pen that comes with 30mg of CBD juice and is ready for use immediately if you take it out of the pack.

Industrial Hemp farms: cartridges gotten from this brand are strain specific and toxin free. Their cartridges are filled with CBD made from the top quality American farmed hemp product.

Avida CBD: this brand is a newcomer in the industry and has made a good impression of how they go about their business. They offer multiple flavors like the Manga Mango, chilled strawberry kiwi and blue razz for your selection and fill their cartridges with 1000mg CBD organic juice. Ingredients used are organically grown, third party tested and the reports are made available on their website.

Secret nature CBD: their CBD cartridges are made from organic hemp with is grown indoor, and are full spectrum free of GMO and gluten. They are also third party tested and come with a unique feeling and flavor.

What to consider when getting a CBD cartridge
There are a lot of companies that have CBD cartridges for sale on their websites and this might pose a big issue for people who are new to the CBD vape industry. Some of the important things to note before getting yourself a CBD cartridge include :

  1. The first and most important factor to check is the price of the cartridge and it's potency. Most people have this misconception that the higher the price the better the product, however, this is not always the case that is why finding the product that wouldn’t dig deep into your pocket while balancing it with the right amount of potency would go a long way.

  2.  Another thing to be mindful of is the ingredient used in the production of the cartridge and oil. Several companies have different ways of manufacturing their products. Some companies make use of totally natural ingredients while others make use of a couple of artificial ingredients. Choosing a cartridge should also be dependent on the component of the cartridge. For new users it is advisable to go for the full-spectrum vape oil/cartridge.

  3. Lab test is also an important factor to look out for when choosing a CBD vape cartridge. Most companies have made available their lab results for interested individuals. When going through the results ensure you check that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) isn’t present as it counteracts the relaxing and soothing feeling CD gives. 

  4. The reviews other users give can be a good consideration when you are trying to choose a cartridge. Lately most online purchases are influenced by the reviews given by other users and most people drop reviews after trying out any production, this practice doesn’t exclude CBD cartridges.