February 21, 2017

Food, sun and sights are things Malaysia is known for but did you know it’s also a great place to get excellent vape juice?

Malaysian juices are on par with the best

It’s generally thought that the United States produces some of the best vape juices out there but Malaysian juices are actually not far behind, and considered a close number two to the US. Why so? It’s because Malaysian vape juice makers have managed to attain the kind of quality that gives foreign juices some heavy competition.

A standout category is Malaysia’s fruit-flavoured vape juices, considered the finest of the lot. With tropical fruit in abundance in the country, great flavours are easy to source. Whether you’re into citrus,pineapple ormango, fruit vape aficionados are spoiled for choice here.

Besides fruit, high-mint flavours are also easy to find. Perfect for those who like the fresh mint tingle, selections such asthese offer fun variety – from minty root beer to fruit-tinged mint goodness,  it’ll be tough choosing just one bottle.

Unique local flavours

Besides being a mecca for food, Malaysia’s vape scene also offers a smorgasbord of enticingly unique vape flavours. Nowhere else can you find juices based on uniquely Malaysian fare. Two popular desserts, Cendol Gula Melaka and Air Batu Campur (ABC) can be sampled in juice form, as well as the delicious local favouriteLassi.

Miss hanging out at your local shisha place but don’t miss the sore throat that comes after? Enjoy the best of both worlds with shisha vape flavours such asThrone. Its smoky taste lets you enjoy the shisha experience wherever you go without needing to rent or bring your hookah, or wait for the shisha place to be open.

Best value for your money

With the Malaysian ringgit’s depreciation to the US dollar, vape juices are now quite a bargain for foreign buyers. Quality juices at a lower price without compromising on variety, flavour or quality? This means that now is a great time to give Malaysian juices a try.

If you’re already a fan of Malaysian juices, now is a good time to stock up on your favourites while the currency exchange is in your favour.

Vibrant market

Malaysia has the second-largest vape market in the world, which means that it has a mature and discerning vaping crowd. The vape scene offers not just a wide range of e-cigarettes and mods, but a wide selection of juices to cater to a demanding crowd.

With a market this competitive, mediocre products aren’t going to get very far. As the vape scene is also heavily community-based, guarding your reputation against damage from word of mouth is important. The good news for vapers is that in this kind of environment only the best thrive – thus the better juices and vape service providers will stay on top.

So if you’re bored with your current juice stash, why not expand your vape palate with Malaysian vape juices? Find out just why Malaysian vapes are recommended so highly.

Which Malaysian juices have you tried and which are your favourites? Tell us in the comments!

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