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What’s Your Favourite Berry-flavoured Vape Juice?

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Yet another popular type of flavour in Malaysia is the berry-flavoured vape juice.

There are heaps of berry-flavoured vape juices in Malaysia and one of the common fruits used in these juices are berries.

While many of these miss the mark in terms of flavour – they can have a medicinal, rather than a fruity taste – there are others that excel! Some brewers have even found a way to use berries in creamy flavours and they’re oh so delicious!

We highlight a few of our favourites here.

Bangsawan Strawberry Apple


A deliciously cold strawberry apple fruity vape juice, the taste of strawberry permeates the vapour produced, without being overwhelming. There are hints of apple on the inhale that open up as the flavour coats your tongue.

It’s a refreshing berry-flavoured vape juice that’s definitely an all-day vape, especially in the Malaysian hot weather.




Another berry-flavoured vape juice that features strawberry, Kryptic is another favourite worldwide.

It’s also a cold juice, which probably explains why Malaysian are into it. While it has the reputation as a tank gunker, some say that the taste is worth having to change your cotton more frequently.

CreamySuckerz Veryberry Flan


One of the first few creamy flavours that I tried when I first started vaping, Creamy Suckerz’s version of a berry-flavoured vape juice definitely takes the cake. It even tastes somewhat like cake.

The berry flavours are subtle and blends perfectly with the creaminess of the flan. This juice is definitely addictive and I always find myself getting hungry every time I vape it.

Cynara Strawberry Cheese


It’s not often that you find a flavour that features cheese… and when you do, they’re usually not very good. Cynara’s Strawberry Cheese blends fresh strawberries and real cheese to perfection.

The sweet sourness of the strawberry complements the nutty creaminess of the cheese and what you get from this berry-flavoured vape juice is a superb explosion of flavour. It’s unique and so, so good.

Fcukin Flava Cool Berry


Yet another cold berry-flavoured vape juice that features strawberry, Cool Berry (now Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello) is perfect for strawberry lovers.

The inhale is fresh strawberry, with flavour that explodes in your mouth as you hold the vapour. On the exhale there are hints of strawberry jelly. It’s berry delicious!

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