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October 20, 2017

It's easy to see why cloud competitions are everywhere. Those big, pillowy white clouds that come out of your mouth and nose are one of the most awesome parts of vaping -- if you're a cloud chaser. But it can be hard to blow them the right way.

While your technique is an important part of this, it's also a good idea to load up your rig with the best vape juice for clouds.

Here's our guide to some of the best juices out there. Follow these tips, and you'll blow clouds so big that people call you Zeus.

Getting the Right Technique

Before looking at the juices themselves, we're going to look at some of the technique and technical specifications associated with getting a big hit out of your vape. Follow these tips if you want to start blowing big clouds.

The first thing to consider is your power settings. You can have the best vape juice for clouds imaginable, but if you aren't set to the right wattage it means nothing. The higher setting the better; 60 watts or above can be perfect for blowing giant, pillowy clouds.

Because of that, you'll want a battery with a variable voltage. It can take a while to find the right mod, but when you do you'll be thrilled by the customisable power you get out of your vape.

You'll want a coil with a lower resistance setting on your vape. Blowing huge clouds is all about temperature: any juice that you can make hot is ideal for blowing the clouds you're looking for. So make sure you have a coil that is willing to go along with that heat.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite vape juices for blowing giant clouds.

Best Vape Juice For Clouds: Bunny Cloud Honeydew

One of the most important things to consider about your juice is harshness. Anything that burns the back of your throat can make it difficult to produce the strong clouds you need for vaping.

Because of this, it's best to avoid harsher or mintier flavors in your vape. You can't chase clouds with something that's meant to taste like tobacco. Instead, something light and fruity that comes in high VG is perfect for your vaping.

Because of this, we have to recommend anything by Bunny Cloud. While there are a lot of juices on the market that you can make a good cloud with, Bunny Cloud is one of the few brands to make their juices with cloud chasing in mind.

Bunny Cloud's best juice for vaping is their Honeydew. Tasting like the refreshing melon on a warm summer day, this juice is perfect for anybody who wants to be refreshed as the heat from their cloud touches the back of their throat.

Every Bunny Cloud product makes an amazing cloud. But one other benefit of the honeydew flavour is that, in some ways, it's very unique.

There are a lot of tropical fruit and melon flavoured juices on the market: we've all had dozens of pineapple and watermelon flavours. But honeydew and cantaloupe flavours are a bit rarer.

Most Unique Flavour: Steam Buddie Rainbow Drop

Everybody loved having chocolate and strawberry milk in the cafeteria as a child. But you might not realise that there are vape juices on the market that give you that same flavour.

Steam Buddie's Rainbow Drop has a nostalgic strawberry milk taste that will make your vape experience nearly perfect. With an incredibly thick and creamy texture, it's also the best vape juice for clouds that can also make you look back at childhood.

This vape juice combines the best parts of childhood with the best parts of adulthood. So you should try to load this up in your rig for an absolutely delicious cloud chasing experience. It's mellow, fun, and incredibly easy to use for big and pillowy clouds, whether you're at a competition or just at your desk.

Most Mild and Cooling: Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello

Everybody loves big and unique flavors loaded in their vape. But if you want the best vape juice for clouds, you'll want something a bit more mellow and cooling. That's because big clouds offer giant blasts of flavour: this is good in moderation, but any all-day cloud vaper might want something different.

Fcukin Flava's Strawberry Jello liquid is the perfect balance of intensity and calm for vape enthusiasts looking to enjoy their cloud. Coming in at 50% VG, it is true that there are juices on the market more chemically suited to cloud vaping. But what this juice lacks in chemical content, it makes up for in easy-going enjoyability.

This is also a great juice because it proves that a boring flavour and a mellow one are not the same thing. We've all had the same exact citrus and berry flavoured juices thousands of times for the purpose of having something easy to chain vape. But the best vape juice for clouds isn't just something you can hit a lot of, it's something you actively want to vape often.


Have you tried any of these flavours? Do you know any other flavours that are great for cloud chasing? Let us know in the comments!

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