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May 03, 2016

While not harmless, vaping reduces harm to the health of those who make the switch from cigarettes

In this new section – Vape News Roundup – VapeClubMY highlights happenings in the world of vape.


Vaping Is About Reducing Harm, Not Being Harmless

[Vice Motherboard, 27/4/16]
While vaping has its opponents, there are some groups that are “strongly in favour” of vaping as a tool for quitting smoking.

The Royal College of Physicians in the UK recently released a report that heralds vaping as an “important public health tool”. The group says that it should be promoted as an alternative to smoking.

One of the reasons vaping is so effective in smoking cessation is that it retains a lot of the “behavioural elements of nicotine addiction”. Besides the nicotine, smokers also crave the feeling of inhaling smoke, throat hit and the social interaction that comes with smoking. [article]

British Doctors Urge You to Vape, May Start Handing Out E-Cigarette Prescriptions

[Inverse, 28/4/16]
Since the release of the document on vaping by UK’s Royal College of Physicians, UK doctors are beginning to assess whether to prescribe vaporisers as a smoking cessation tool.

Dr Tim Ballard, from the Royal College of General Practitioners (GP), when speaking to the BBC, said that in the future, before they support the prescription of vapes, they would be “looking for clear evidence that making e-cigarettes available on prescription as part of a wider smoking cessation scheme is a wise use of both scant National Health Service funds and GP resources”.

Although it’s still too early to know what sort of harm vaping can cause, there is already evidence that it is less harmful than cigarettes, which takes so many lives every year. [article]

Mixed reaction on Prince Edward Island to e-cigarette study

[cbcnews, 28/4/16]
According to a vape shop owner in Canada, some of his customers say that they were asked by their health professionals – off the record – to try e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking.

His statement comes after the release of the study by the United Kingdom’s Royal College of Physicians, which recommends that e-cigarettes be promoted to help smokers quit smoking. [article]

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