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May 20, 2016

Like shisha? Here are some recommended vape juices for shisha lovers.

For those who like to shisha, it can sometimes be a hassle to take your pipe out of storage and prep it. And if you don’t have your own pipe, there’s the further hassle of going out and sitting down at a shop.

Wouldn’t it be way easier to have a device that you could easily carry around? With all the different flavours of vape juices available, all you have to do is choose the right flavours to have your very own handheld shisha pipe.

One of the best things about shisha is that you don’t have to stick to just one type of flavour; you can get a whole flavour “cocktail” by mixing the right flavours together. You can get the same with a vape.

Here are some of our recommended vape juices for shisha lovers:

AJ Vape Double Apple


One of the most popular shisha flavours, the go-to flavour for veterans and beginners alike, the double apple flavour can also be found among vape juices.

One of the best apple-flavoured vape juices around, the AJ Vape Double Apple is a delicious red apple flavour that grows the deeper you inhale.

On the exhale, there’s a slight apple-y sweetness and the aftertaste of apple stays beyond the exhale.

Fcukin Flava Fcukin Munkey


One thing that many shisha lovers enjoy are minty flavours. Fcukin Flava Fcukin Munkey is a sweet and pure honeydew flavour with a cold finish that is reminiscent of the minty-ness in shisha flavours.

The difference in the case of vaping (versus shisha) is that instead of thin smoke, vaping this flavour delivers a full-bodied flavour imbued with sweet, juicy honeydew.

77 Flavor Royal Dew


For those who don’t want too minty a flavour, 77 Flavor Royal Dew is an alternate honeydew flavour.

Just as full-bodied, the taste of honeydew permeates the vapour on both the inhale and exhale, leaving behind a gorgeously smooth honeydew aftertaste.

What’s great about 77 Flavor’s juice is that you get a larger bottle of juice for the same price.

77 Flavor Spanish Pineapple


One of my favourite shisha flavours is pineapple and I especially like when a pineapple bowl is used to increase the flavour and scent.

77 Flavor Spanish Pineapple is an amazing pineapple flavour. With the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, this vape juice produces all the flavour of pineapple without the mess of having to peel and slice an actual fruit.

Funta Grape


Yet another minty flavour but this time, with a fizzy grape drink base. In recent years, shisha flavours have expanded from the usual fruity flavours to candy and even drink-flavoured mixes.

One of my all-time favourite vape juices, Funta Grape tastes exactly like the beverage. The great thing is that it won’t increase your sugar intake (and your risk of diabetes). A beautiful all-day vape.



Blackcurrant with minty coldness is another popular shisha flavour and Mystree delivers a similar taste.

A rich blackcurrant cream blend, the thick vapour produced is filled with the essence of blackcurrant and will coat your tongue with a flavour you won’t forget anytime soon.

The slight creaminess added to the vape juice creates a fuller flavour that would be hard to achieve with shisha.

Masterblend Superstar


A straightforward blackcurrant flavour for those who don’t like their vapour to run too cold, the Masterblend Superstar is one of the flavours that I can never get enough of.

It’s a rich, sweet and juicy berry-flavoured juice that’s an amazing all-day vape.

Do you shisha? What are your favourite shisha flavours? Let us know in the comments!

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