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Vape in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Timeline


The topic of vape in Malaysia has been getting much coverage. Vape Club International provides a single resource that combines the abundant information.

The topic of vape in Malaysia has been appearing in a range of media and has gotten attention from the Government, who discussed it extensively in a parliament session in October 2015. Although vape has been in Malaysia since 2012, it was only last year – after its popularity among the youth surged – that the Government began speaking of regulations.

Since Oct 2015, there has been a lot of “drama” with regards to vape in Malaysia, with raids on vape stores being carried out by the Health Ministry and certain state governments banning the sale of vape.

The public is currently in the dark about what can or cannot be done in terms of vaping. Just the other day, as I was sitting outdoors vaping, a middle-aged uncle asked, “Is that thing still legal?”

“Yes,” I said.

“That’s good,” he said. “It’s better than smoking actual cigarettes, isn’t it?”

As I nodded, he flicked his cigarette bud away, gave me a thumbs up, then went back into his office. Would he have switched to vaping if he had known it was legal? I wondered. Probably, don’t you think?

Our country is not the only one facing potentially harmful vape regulations. All over the world, governments are deliberating over what sort of regulations to introduce. Most people in those countries – especially those involved in the industry – agree that stringent regulations will likely kill off the industry as only the very large players will be able to survive and therefore, monopolize the industry.

As vapers, it helps to know what’s going on so that if anyone asks about vaping, we are able to provide an informed response. We’ve created a timeline based on the news reports that have come out since Oct, which we will be updating regularly.

Stay tuned for updates!

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