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Unique Fruity Vape Flavours to Try



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Malaysian brewers produce some of the best fruity vape flavours in the world. They have a knack for drawing the most out of a single flavour, whether it be durian or mango or strawberry.

It’s no surprise then, that some of the best single flavour juices are made in Malaysia.

While there may be other fruity vape flavours that are more common worldwide – the blackcurrants, mangoes and peaches, there are some unique fruit flavours that are just as delicious.

Delicious Fruity Vape Flavours

Have you heard of salak? Have you ever eaten soursop?

The fruits themselves are amazingly delicious. But they can be hard to get sometimes so we think it’s amazing that you can now get flavours like these in vape juices.



A palm tree that's native to Indonesia, the Salak has fig-sized fruits that can be eaten by peeling the skin off. Its flavour is sweet, acidic with some sharpness to it.

Sometimes called snake fruit due to its skin, it's not a fruit that's eaten every day in most homes worldwide.

But gosh, does it have such an interesting flavour. Harnessed and mixed into e-liquid, the flavour retains its sweetness and sourness, which makes it an easy all-day vape.



There are days when I crave soursop. It's an amazingly satisfying fruit. Its flavour is a complex mixture of taste and textures. While it's creamy like a banana or coconut, its flavour is more like that of a strawberry or pineapple with the same distinct sweet-sourness.



From single-flavoured vape juices to mixed fruit blends, guava is an amazing fruit flavour to harness for e-liquids.

It's relatively mild flavoured with a strong fragrance, which makes it a great addition to many fruity e-juices. However, it can also pack a punch on its own. There are definitely some brands that make a mean guava flavoured e-juice.

Some of our favourites include Fcukin Flava Yummay Guava and Flaco Guava.

Winter melon


Winter melons have a beautifully sweet and herbal flavour that makes amazing drinks, broths and desserts. Truly a multipurpose fruit, it's no surprise that it's also great in e-juices.

Madhouz Shiver incorporates winter melon into its super delicious mixed fruit e-juice.


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