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May 05, 2016

One thing that most new vapers want to know about is traveling with a vaporizer and how it can be done.

VAPING has recently been a widely accepted and adapted by many cultures. It is also an alternative to smoking for most people.

Vaping is the inhalation of vapor through a vaporizer which in most cases is personal; the vapor is tobacco free in most. Vaping has completely changed the smoking trend in most countries, with this alternative having significantly less harmful effects compared to smoking.

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What many vapers have discovered is that it’s super easy to carry a vaporizer around. Some devices are even made with portability in mind. It’s simply like carrying a mobile phone around.


However, when it comes to traveling with a vaporizer across borders – even state borders – there are regulations that need to be taken into consideration. Some countries allow use but not sale of vape, others have banned vaping completely.

For example, countries like Uruguay, Brazil, Singapore, Brazil and Seychelles have totally banned e-cigarettes. In Australia, some states allow the use of vape devices (but not sale) while some others completely disallow it.

If you’re visiting another country, do some research and find out more about local regulations to see if you are able to bring your vape along. Know what kind of restrictions exist so that you don’t get into trouble without knowing why.

If Vaping is Allowed

Most airlines allow passengers to carry their vaporizers on board. However, there are guidelines to follow. One of the worst things that could happen on the start of a trip is getting your vape confiscated.

In order to avoid that, follow some of these tips:

Carry Your Vape With You
Don’t keep your vaporizer in your checked luggage. Instead, put it in your carry on. If you have e-liquids, make sure that it’s under 100ml and put it in a clear ziplock plastic bag.

Dismantle Your Vaporizer
Separate your tank from your mod and take out the batteries. If you can, empty your tank before you fly.

Keep It With Your Electronics
Your vape is just like any electronic device. When going through security, you should take it out and put it through the scanner with your other electronics, rather than leaving it in your hand-carry luggage.

If you follow these tips, getting through security should be a breeze even when traveling with a vaporizer.

On the Flight

On other thing to watch out for are pressure changes that happen when the plane takes off and lands. It can cause tank leakage, which will be a problem if you still have juice in the tank.

The best thing to do is empty the tank, but if that’s not possible, carry your tank close to you and keep it upside down.

When You Get to Your Destination

As mentioned previously, there are different rules for vaping in different countries. Before you vape, find out what the rules are.

And even if vaping is allowed, apply the same etiquette as you would with smoking.

Don’t vape where you wouldn’t normally smoke. Some places would have no smoking signs. But if there aren’t any, you can simply ask someone who might know. For example, if you’re in a pub and smoking is normally allowed in pubs where you live, just ask a server or bartender if it’s okay to vape.

Although vaping doesn’t cause the same secondhand harm as cigarettes, the vapor released while vaping could cause other people some discomfort, especially if they don’t know what it is.

One of the reasons that vaping can sometimes have a worse reputation than smoking is that vapers don’t have the same code of etiquette that smokers adhere to.

The most important thing while vaping in a different country is to know their take on vaporizers. Respect each nation’s regulations on vaping and adhere to them at all times.

Be sure to check what the regulations are in the countries that you’re visiting and always be on right side of the law while vaping.

Make vaping an interesting and classy affair by doing it the right way. If vaping is allowed then stick to the generally accepted vaping etiquette and enjoy your vaping experience.

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