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April 10, 2016

Part of vaping involves knowing how to recoil your RBA

When you first start vaping, you might start out with disposable organic cotton coils (OCC) but as you continue to vape, you might want to switch to a rebuildable atomiser (RBA). Here are three of our favourite tanks and how to recoil the RBA for these tanks.


A great tank for beginners, the Kangertech Subtank Mini is decent for flavour and is super easy to maintain and rebuild.

Uwell Crown

An awesome tank that really brings out the flavour in vape juices, the Uwell Crown is slightly harder to maintain and rebuild. But it’s so worth it to vape using this tank as it brings out all the undertones of any flavour.

Taifun GT

This is an amazing tank for flavour! It’s slightly harder to rebuild compared to the first two tanks in this article but sufficiently easy so that even beginners can recoil this tank.

Which tank do you use? Do you know how to rebuild the coil for that tank? Let us know!


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