January 23, 2017

Ask anyone these days and it's likely they will say that Nasty Juice is the top Malaysian vape juice. There are so many things to love about it – we're huge fans as well – but you know what they say about variety (it's the spice of life)! 

So here are some other brands to look at besides Nasty Juice. The juices from these brands are super tasty and also have a high VG ratio so that you still get the massive clouds you're looking for with Nasty.  

Without further ado, let's introduce:

Hype Juice

A Malaysian vape juice that seems to be growing in popularity since its release in 2015, Hype Juice can now be seen in the hands of vapers from the United Kingdom, France, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Bahrain, Pakistan and Brunei.

While their range of flavours is slightly less than Nasty's – they have only four flavours vs Nasty's six – their vape juices have just as distinctive a flavour. 

Rather than take the straightforward, single-flavour route, Hype Juice chose to embellish the fruit flavours with hints of other flavours. 

For example, their Mango Cracky is a combination of mango with a hint of milk and mint. This snazzes up the flavour so much more and is a welcome change from the usual mango flavours that floods the market. 

Throne Liquids

A really new vape juice to hit the vape scene, Throne Liquids is already making waves in the Middle East. First launched at the end of 2016, there are already three flavours available in the range, each with their own fans. 

Those who like shisha-like flavours tend to prefer The Mad Queen (a double apple flavour with hints of aloe vera), as well as The Lady. 

However, the flavour we find extremely unique is The Mother, a passionfruit cognac flavour that people either love or hate. Even those who are on the fence about it say, "If you like the weird shit, you will love it."

Cloud Niners

Certainly no stranger to the vape world, Cloud Niners is desired in a number of countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe. 

Now this is a brand who has gone all in on fruit flavours. There are eight single fruit flavours in the series, and only one creamy flavour -- Cookies -- but it's in the fruit department that they really shine. 

Some vapers have even called Cloud Niners Mango the "best mango flavour" that they've ever tasted. 

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