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October 06, 2015

VapeClubMY got its own feature in Vulcan Post! On the Editor’s Pick list too! =D

VapeClubMY offers users a whole new way of purchasing their vape juices, with a myriad of flavours to choose from. Via the website, vapers can either opt for a trial service or subscribe as a member of VapeClubMy, and this will entitle them to a total of 4 bottles of 30ml e-juices. The boxes will then be delivered straight to the users’ doorstep for absolutely free of charge.

What makes VapeClubMY different is that they offer a flavour preference survey which allows users who sign up an account with them to fill out information on the sort of flavours that they like, such as creamy or fruity, as well as flavours that they do not like. This allows the vape juice subscription service to better select flavours for the next juices that users wish to purchase. “Love teh o’ ais limau, but hate durian? We got you covered,” said VapeClubMY.

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