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April 25, 2016

Big Tobacco’s role in the future of vaping and other discussions about vaping.

In this new section – Vape News Roundup – VapeClubMY highlights happenings in the world of vape.future-of-vaping


Vaping: Big Tobacco’s Big Gamble on the Future

[Newsweek Special Edition, 24/4/16]
In the last few years, tobacco companies have been acquiring popular e-cigarette companies. However, many users prefer the tank and mod vaporisers over the mass-produced ciga-likes.

How will Big Tobacco tackle the rise of this new trend? Will they push for more rules and regulations? Or will they get their labs working on new and innovative e-cigarette models? [article]

Tobacco control experts defend vaping

[The San Diego Union-Tribune, 24/4/16]
There is growing evidence that vaping could be a good method for smoking cessation. In a study recently published in the journal Addiction, seven tobacco control experts suggest that “regulators should avoid heavy-handed condemnation of e-cigarette use”.

The study also states that strict regulations on e-cigarettes could be more beneficial for those in the cigarette industry and decrease new innovations by those outside. [article]

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