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    A Review of Extasy by Fantasi Liquid

    A Review of Extasy by Fantasi Liquid


    From the creators of the popular Fantasi Grape Ice and Fantasi Orange Ice, this new eXtasy series is another range of flavours that combine fruits and/or drinks to deliver delicious fruity flavours.

    I will be reviewing two flavours, both of which have a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and come in a 60ml bottle.

    I will give a brief description and my thoughts on the flavours and at the end of the review, I will also be giving some coil build recommendations to bring out the full potential of the flavours and to enhance your vaping experience with these flavours.

    I would also like to mention that this review will be solely based on my personal preference and vaping experience, so do give these flavours a try yourself as you might have different opinions. Sit back, enjoy reading.

    eXtasy Mango Blackcurrant

    The Mango Blackcurrant flavour in the eXtasy series is a mixture of sweet ripe mango and sweet juicy blackcurrant. The two fruits mix well together to create a taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a refreshing blend that will cool you off on hot days.

    For fans of cold flavours, this will also satisfy your craving for a cooling sensation that tingles your brain. Even though the flavour contains 70% VG, the taste is not mild at all meaning you can enjoy a sweet flavourful taste while producing massive clouds at the same time.

    Going more in-depth, the flavour is also smooth so if you are not a fan of flavours that are rough and have heavy throat hits, then don’t worry because this flavour is smooth on the inhale and exhale.

    eXtasy Electric Lemonade

    The second flavour in the eXtasy series is Electric Lemonade, which is a mix of champagne and lemonade. The mixture of fine iced champagne paired with refreshing sour lemonade proves to be an excellent combination.

    Lemonade flavours are quite common in the market but mixtures of champagne and lemonade is still considerably uncommon.

    Just like the Mango Blackcurrant flavour, even though it contains 70% VG the taste is not mild at all.

    However, it is not as sweet as the Mango Blackcurrant and it is also not cold at all. Instead it has a very refreshing taste that is not overwhelming, making it a potential all-day vape.

    This is personally my favourite out of the two because unlike the Mango Blackcurrant flavour, it is not a very common flavour.

    The taste is pleasant and different from other lemonade flavours that are in the market.

    Coil Build Recommendations

    Single/Double Coil Tanks:

    For single coil tanks, I would recommend using 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 2.5mm inner coil diameter. The reason being, it will provide you with lower ohm resistance that a single coil tank can handle and it will also bring out better flavour.

    The flavour will also depend on the tank that you are using. For example, I’m currently using the Hurricane V2 tank which is more suitable for creamy flavours because of its tight airflow which is why I would recommend using this flavour if you have a single coil tank that has wider airflow such as the Kanger Subtank.

    As for double coil tanks, I would recommend using 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 2.5mm or 3.0mm inner coil diameter depending on the size of the deck.

    This will provide you with stronger flavour as well as decent cloud production. Unlike single coil tanks, double coil tanks don’t really vary in terms of flavour because most of the double coil tanks have wide airflows, some non-adjustable, so it will still give you strong flavour and nice cloud production.


    For drippers, I would recommend using 24 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 3.0mm inner coil diameter. The flavour will be milder compared to tanks but it will produce bigger and denser clouds.

    The flavour does vary for drippers depending on the size of the airflow. Some drippers that have smaller airflows will produce a stronger flavour as compared to drippers with larger airflows.

    For example, I am currently using a Druga RDA which has a very large airflow, so fruity flavours on this dripper will taste milder compared to drippers such as the Mutation XV4 but if your aim is to cloud chase then the larger the airflow, the better.

    For more advanced users, one of the coil builds I would recommend using is 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire parallel coils, 5-6 wraps and 2.5mm inner coil diameter.

    This coil build will provide very strong flavour on a dripper and it will also produce massive clouds. The reason why I am against beginners attempting to build this coil build is because the ohm resistance is a lot lower than your average builds so if you are not careful and lack experience, it can be dangerous.

    If you are a beginner and you would like to try out this build, get an experienced vaper that you know and get them to build it for you.

    There are also other coil builds that you can try out with drippers such as clapton coils, fused claptons, framed stapled coils, and so on, but these coils can have many specifications so if you have the time and are experienced enough, you can try out these builds with different specifications and find the one that tastes the best with these flavours.


    Dripper Tanks:

    For dripper tank users, I would recommend using the same coil builds as drippers. However, there are some dripper tanks that have an optional setting for either single coil or double coil.

    For this, I would recommend using the double coil setting as it gives better flavour and better cloud production. Also, for dripper tanks that have wider airflow such as the Limitless RDTA, I would recommend closing it off to about half open so that it will give better flavour.

    I would also like to mention that the builds I mentioned above on drippers for advanced users, they can also be used on dripper tanks because both specifications of drippers and dripper tanks are not very different.

    That’s all, thanks for taking the time to read!

    Refreshing Blackcurrant Flavours to Cool Off with This Summer

    Refreshing Blackcurrant Flavours to Cool Off with This Summer


    Blackcurrant is one of the most versatile flavours in the market right now. It mixes well with most flavours such as mango, strawberry, and the list goes on.

    So, I’m sure you’re wondering what is the best blackcurrant flavour. This list will cover some of the popular local blackcurrant flavours in the market and my opinions on the flavours.

    This is solely based on my personal preferences and vaping experience so even if I have a negative opinion of a specific flavour, don’t hesitate to give it a try because different people have different preferences and who knows if you might like a flavour that I don’t. 

    Without further ado, on to the reviews!

    Mango Most Mango Blackcurrant

    First on the list is Mango Most Mango Blackcurrant which has a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 and comes in a 55ml bottle.

    A rough description of the flavour profile would be a sweet ripe mango mixed with the sweet earthy taste of blackcurrant and a slight hint of coolness from the menthol.

    To be honest, this flavour is considerably good but I’m afraid that the market is slowly catching up and more mango blackcurrant juices are beginning to taste like one another; same goes for this one.

    If I were to compare this flavour to another, I would say that this flavour tastes rather like AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give this flavour a try because there are some aspects of flavours that can’t be described in words and can only be experienced by trying it yourself.

    Cloud Niners Blackcurrant

    Next on the list is Cloud Niners Blackcurrant which has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle.

    This flavour is a nice throwback for vape veterans as it has been around for quite a long time now. The way I would describe this flavour is that it has the sweet acidic taste of blackcurrant which is very common now in the market so its generic taste might turn away some people.

    To me, this flavour is more suitable as a performance booster for cloud chasing as it contains 70% VG and it’s not cold at all. This makes it easier to chain vape, which is essential when cloud chasing.

    So, if you’re a cloud chaser who is looking for a blackcurrant flavour to ramp up your cloud production, then do give this flavour a try.

    Nasty Juice Bad Blood

    Moving on, we have Bad Blood by Nasty Juice which has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 50ml bottle.

    I am personally a fan of most of the flavours produced by Nasty Juice so naturally I thought that I would enjoy this flavour as well.

    However, I was quite disappointed when I first tried it because even though it is supposed to be a blackcurrant flavour, it failed in bringing out the distinctive taste of blackcurrant.

    The flavour honestly tasted bland which is rare for Nasty Juice because most of their flavours are usually stronger. Although the quality of the juice itself was top notch, the taste was a bit off putting because I couldn’t really make out what fruit it tasted like.

    Nonetheless, I would still suggest giving it a try because maybe it is just my own preference or maybe it's just me who can’t properly taste the flavour.

    Juice-It Black-It

    Continuing, we have Black-It by Juice-It which has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle. Black-It is a very simple and basic blackcurrant flavour.

    It has the distinctive taste of blackcurrant, but it feels a bit lacking. If I were to describe the taste, it has a mild but sweet taste of blackcurrant with a hint of sourness to it.

    The mild flavour does help with chain vaping and practicing tricks because you won’t get too easily bored, although it is a bit cold.

    It is also a suitable flavour for cloud chasing as it has 70% VG and when I was vaping it on my dripper, there was a noticeable boost in cloud production.

    So, do give this flavour a try because even though it might not be an all-day vape, it is a good performance booster for cloud chasing.

    Again, I would like to mention that this is solely based on my own personal preference so whatever I have mentioned about the flavours on the list is subjective, which is why I recommend that all of you should give these flavours a try because you never know if one of these could potentially be your next all-day vape.

    Looking for new strawberry flavours? Check out these vape juices!

    Looking for new strawberry flavours? Check out these vape juices!


    Strawberry flavours are perfect for the hot weather considering their sweet and refreshing taste.

    They were harder to find back then but lucky for us strawberry flavours are now in abundance in the market which is why I am here to give you my personal thoughts on some of the strawberry vape flavours available now. 

    The opinions given on this list is solely based on my own personal preference and vaping experience so while I might have negative comments or views on some of the flavours, you should still give them a try as I believe that different people have different tastes buds. 

    Let's begin!

    Dripper Boost Watermelon Strawberry

    Kicking off this flavour roundup, we have Dripper Boost Watermelon Strawberry which is a mix of refreshing watermelon paired with juicy strawberries.

    It has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle. I’m personally a fan of this flavour because both the tastes of watermelon and strawberry are perfectly balanced, as in they do not overwhelm one another creating a proper mixture of both flavours.

    This flavour maintains the refreshing sensation of watermelon whilst providing the sweet and slightly sour taste of strawberries.

    The taste is also very strong for a juice that only contains 30% PG which I consider a bonus. It is slightly cold but as the name says, it is a flavour that will boost your cloud production especially if you are using a dripper.

    Due to the 70% VG, it provides larger and denser clouds which I personally have experienced after using this flavour myself. If you are interested in cloud chasing, I strongly suggest giving this flavour a try as I’m sure you will not be disappointed.



    Max VG Max Strawberry

    Next up on this list is Max Strawberry from the Max VG collection which is a strawberry flavour catering to cloud chasers. It has a PG/VG ratio of 20/80 and comes in a 60ml bottle.

    When I tasted this flavour, the first thing that came to mind was that it tasted like a strawberry milkshake. 

    This flavour is also not too sweet so you will most likely be able to chain vape it for a long period of time which is good for practicing tricks. It is also good for cloud production because it contains a whopping 80% VG which is the highest on this list so if you’re looking for a strawberry flavour that can be used for cloud chasing, give this a try.

    Juice-It Straw-It

    Moving on, we have Straw-It by Juice-It which is a strawberry flavour that I find quite decent. It has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle.

    I would say that this flavour is not very unique and it probably tastes similar to most of the strawberry flavours you’ve tried before but it is a decent strawberry flavour.

    It is rather cold so for those of you who are not fans of cold flavours, this might turn you away from this juice. Just like the previous juices on this list, it has a high VG percentage meaning that this could also be used for cloud chasing.

    However, because this flavour is rather cold, chain vaping it would be rather difficult for some people.

    Horny Strawberry

    Progressing on, this next flavour is Horny Strawberry which contains a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 and comes in a 30ml bottle.

    I am personally not a fan of juices produced by Horny, mainly because I find that most of their flavours are overly sweet. However, Horny Strawberry was a pleasant surprise because it wasn’t all that sweet and it tasted like soothing strawberry yoghurt.

    Since this flavour has equal percentages of PG and VG, the flavour is strong and the cloud production is moderate.

    When I first tried this flavour, it had a sweet fragrant strawberry taste on inhale, and backing it up was a silky yoghurt texture on the exhale which I found very suitable for an all-day vape.

    Do give this flavour a try because you never know if this could be your new all-day vape.

    Cloud Niners Strawberry

    Last but not least on this list is Cloud Niners Strawberry which probably brings back a lot of memories for fellow veteran vapers from our earlier vaping days. It contains a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle.

    This flavour is very nostalgic as it used to be one of my favourite flavours back in the day and since the first time I tried this flavour up until now, I still find that it tastes very similar to strawberry milk.

    It is a very nice throwback because it tastes exactly like Dutch Lady strawberry milk that comes in the small milk boxes.

    Just like the other Cloud Niners flavours, this is also a suitable flavour to use for cloud chasing since it contains 70% VG and for those of you who have not tried it, I definitely recommend giving this flavour a try.

    Even if it might not be suitable for an all-day vape, it will not disappoint you when you’re going through a dilemma of what juice to purchase next.

    In conclusion:

    The best strawberry flavour in this list based on my personal opinion, is Dripper Boost Watermelon Strawberry. This is because the flavour is not something you will get bored of easily since it is a mixture of two different fruits.

    Combine this with the slight coldness you get when vaping it, and it definitely provides a refreshing vape to keep you cool during hot days.

    Horny Strawberry was also very high up on the list but flavours that are based on a single fruit are not as impressive nowadays because they taste mostly the same but I still strongly suggest giving it a try.

    Vape on!

    Are you a vaper? Do you like trying and reviewing vape juices? Contribute to our blog

    Love grape-flavoured vape juices? Check out these ones!

    Love grape-flavoured vape juices? Check out these ones!


    Do you like grape flavoured e-juice? Have you ever wondered which is the best grape flavoured e-juice?

    Well, today I will be answering your questions based on my opinion and vaping experiences. So please don’t take it to heart as this is just my personal preference and I still highly encourage you to try out the juices that I give negative reviews on because you never know if it might become your all day vape.

    Sit back, enjoy reading.

    N2 Virgin Grape

    To start off, we have the N2 Virgin Grape has a PG/VG ratio of 25/75 and comes in a 60ml bottle. It wasn’t a flavour that I would describe as outstanding because to me it tasted only slightly better than most of the basic and average grape flavours in the market.

    However, one thing I would like to point out is that it does contain 75% of VG so it could be used as a go-to juice for cloud chasing and since the flavour is not too sweet, you won’t feel overwhelmed after chain vaping it.

    I did notice a considerable difference in cloud production when using this juice on my Druga RDA compared to the other juices on this list. Do give it a try as I believe that some of you might enjoy it.

    Seven Clouds Grape

    Next up would be the Seven Clouds Grape by VD which contains a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 60ml bottle as well, meaning that it is also suitable for cloud chasing.

    I would say that this flavour has a different taste compared to your average grape flavours as it is not overwhelmingly sweet and there is also a hint of sourness to it which is not very noticeable.

    If I were to give a better description of this flavour I would say that it tastes a bit like sour grape candy because it doesn’t have the taste of juiciness like a ripened grape or that natural and distinctive taste of grapes.

    Nasty Juice Asap Grape

    Continuing, we have Asap Grape by Nasty Juice which contains a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and now comes in a 50ml bottle.

    I still remember when Nasty Juice first came into the market and I thought that they produced some of the best fruity flavours at that time.

    Nonetheless, they have not disappointed me up until now. Their flavours have remained consistent without experiencing a drop in the quality of their juices. Asap Grape is no exception!

    Even though it is a mix of grape and various berries, I would still consider it as grape flavoured because the taste of grape is very dominant.

    I personally think that mixing the grape flavour with berries was a good move because it not only gives you the ripe and distinctive flavour of grapes but it also gives the flavour a bit of juiciness to it due to the berries making this a tasty combination.

    I highly recommend giving this a try.

    Max VG Max Grape

    Moving on, we have Max Grape from the Max VG collection which contains a PG/VG ratio of 20/80 making this the juice with the highest percentage of VG on this list and it comes in a 60ml bottle.

    Honestly, there is nothing too special about this flavour as it tastes very basic and is similar to most grape flavours in the market in terms of the taste.

    I would say that the only thing that sets it apart from the other grape flavours is that it helps produce a satisfying amount of clouds so if you are a cloud chaser and you are looking for a grape flavour that will boost your cloud production, then this would be the flavour I would recommend.

    Bangsawan Apple Grape

    Next is Bangsawan Apple Grape which contains a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 and comes in a 65ml bottle.

    Just like Nasty Juice, Bangsawan has never disappointed me with their juices and their quality remains consistent.

    Their apple grape flavour is undeniably good because the mixture of the taste of fresh apple juice with the sweet grape undertone works surprisingly well together, making it debatable if this should be considered a grape flavour.

    However, I find that there are a few things worth mentioning about this flavour that people should take note of. This flavour is rather sweet and it is also slightly cold, which some people don’t prefer.

    Nonetheless, this is still a great flavour by Bangsawan and I do recommend giving it a try.

    Cloud Niners Grape

    The next flavour is Cloud Niners Grape which contains a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle.

    In terms of flavour, it has a rather mild grape taste which I personally find is better than the commonly sweet grape flavours in the market as it won’t make you bored of the flavour easily even if you chain vape it.

    It also does not have a distinctive grape taste which most grape flavours have and instead it has a very unnoticeable hint of sourness to it as well. This would make a good flavour for cloud chasing since it is mild, which makes it easier to vape on for a longer period of time, and it has a high VG percentage meaning better cloud production.


    Frozen Grape

    Progressing on, we have Frozen Grape which has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle. Flavour-wise, it has a taste that is rather similar to sour grapes where it still maintains the distinctive taste of grapes with a hint of sourness that some might enjoy.

    Unlike most high VG flavours, this flavour is quite cold which might make it difficult for some people to withstand so if you are a fan of cold flavours or cloud chasing and have been looking for a grape flavour then this could be the e-liquid that you have been looking for.


    Juice-It Grap-It

    Finally, we have Grap-It which has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and comes in a 55ml bottle. I find that this flavour was not very different compared to the basic grape flavours in the market and it is slightly cold.

    I would recommend this flavour to people who are fans of cold flavours who are interested in cloud chasing and are looking for grape flavours to try. 

    In conclusion:

    I feel that it is too difficult to produce a good grape flavour in the current market because most grape flavours generally taste the same unless it is a mixture of grape and a different flavour.

    Which is why in my opinion, the best flavour in this list would be the Bangsawan Apple Grape. It was hard to decide between Bangsawan Apple Grape and Nasty Juice A$AP Grape because both flavours were equally as good but the one thing I found lacking in Asap Grape was that the flavour was not as strong.

    I would like to mention again that this is based solely on my personal preference so I still highly recommend giving the other flavours a try as different people have different preferences.

    Vape on!

    Are you a vaper looking to try and review vape juices? Contribute to our blog

    0mg Vape Juices, what are they and are they worth buying?

    0mg Vape Juices, what are they and are they worth buying?


    Vaping has taken the world by storm since its inception a few years back. Initially created for smokers to kick the habit, vaping has now become a subculture in its own right, attracting both ex-smokers, and non-smokers alike.

    However, that does not detract vaping from its original purpose as a tool to quit smoking. As such, vape juices are usually infused with nicotine so the user is still able to continue using nicotine without the health risks associated with smoking tobacco.

    Different mg levels in a vape juice are an indicator of the nicotine levels contained in the juice. Predictably, a higher mg level indicates a higher nicotine content, and vice versa.

    So what’s the difference?

    What is the difference then, you ask, between higher mg levels and lower mg levels?

    Personally, the difference lies in the vaping sensation. Vape juices with a higher nicotine content tend to result in a stronger “hit” in the throat, which replicates the act of smoking more accurately.

    As any ex-smoker (or current smoker) will tell you, the “hit” from smoking forms a large part of the smoking experience, which is highly habit forming, especially when coupled with an addictive substance like nicotine.

    As such, smokers who have just begun vaping as a means to kick the habit will usually begin using vape juices with a higher mg level.

    The overall sensation of vaping: the inhaling and exhaling of vapour, and the “hit” at the back of the throat will be able to successfully replicate the act of smoking, which then succeeds in converting an ex-smoker to a vaper.

    How to quit smoking

    A well-trodden path is to begin vaping with juices containing higher levels of nicotine as a way of cushioning the transition from cigarettes to vaping. Over time, they are able to wean themselves off their addiction to nicotine by slowly, and gradually, vaping juices with a lower nicotine content.

    This brings me to the point I’m getting to, what are the differences then between juices with and without nicotine?

    At the beginning of your journey to quit smoking, I’d say the differences might be stark and noticeable. But after a while, 0mg juices are able to provide an indistinguishable vaping experience to the higher mg level juices.

    Thanks to Vape Club International, I’ve been able to sample three 0mg juices which taste great, while also satisfying the elusive “smoking” sensation we’re all looking for. Smoking without the drawbacks of nicotine and tar? Sign me up!

    Throne - The Mad Queen

    The first juice I sampled was Throne - the Mad Queen. This juice is extremely reminiscent of shisha smoking, as it is an intoxicating blend of apples, aloe vera, lychee, and apple wood.

    The flavours can be felt at each step of the vaping experience, from a sweet, apple-y taste on the inhale, to a blend of aloe vera and lychee while in the mouth, followed by a slight hint of apple wood on the finish. Amazing stuff!

    0mg Pink Guava

    Next up, I was able to try the 0mg Pink Guava flavour.

    Now, I’ve only ever tried Pink Guava in fruit juices, so I was quite intrigued as to what a Pink Guava vape juice might taste like.

    As a fan of fruity vape juices over the sweet, creamier types, I was immediately hooked onto this juice.

    As the name suggests, it very accurately replicates the Pink Guava flavour, and I was refilling my tank again in no time.

    Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello

    Finally, I was presented with the Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello. This juice managed to draw some apprehension on my part, as I am usually not a fan of anything strawberry flavoured.

    With my first puff of this juice, there was a taste of fresh strawberry jam, with a slightly cooling, minty effect. Thumbs up for the cooling effect, but this juice didn’t tick all the boxes for me due to my personal dislike of the strawberry flavour.

    However, if you enjoy a cooling vape juice, and are also a fan of strawberry (unlike me!), then this 0mg juice definitely deserves your consideration.

    What do you think about vaping 0mg juices? Let us know by leaving your comments after the break!