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    Features — Features

    A Review of Extasy by Fantasi Liquid

    A Review of Extasy by Fantasi Liquid


    From the creators of the popular Fantasi Grape Ice and Fantasi Orange Ice, this new eXtasy series is another range of flavours that combine fruits and/or drinks to deliver delicious fruity flavours.

    I will be reviewing two flavours, both of which have a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and come in a 60ml bottle.

    I will give a brief description and my thoughts on the flavours and at the end of the review, I will also be giving some coil build recommendations to bring out the full potential of the flavours and to enhance your vaping experience with these flavours.

    I would also like to mention that this review will be solely based on my personal preference and vaping experience, so do give these flavours a try yourself as you might have different opinions. Sit back, enjoy reading.

    eXtasy Mango Blackcurrant

    The Mango Blackcurrant flavour in the eXtasy series is a mixture of sweet ripe mango and sweet juicy blackcurrant. The two fruits mix well together to create a taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a refreshing blend that will cool you off on hot days.

    For fans of cold flavours, this will also satisfy your craving for a cooling sensation that tingles your brain. Even though the flavour contains 70% VG, the taste is not mild at all meaning you can enjoy a sweet flavourful taste while producing massive clouds at the same time.

    Going more in-depth, the flavour is also smooth so if you are not a fan of flavours that are rough and have heavy throat hits, then don’t worry because this flavour is smooth on the inhale and exhale.

    eXtasy Electric Lemonade

    The second flavour in the eXtasy series is Electric Lemonade, which is a mix of champagne and lemonade. The mixture of fine iced champagne paired with refreshing sour lemonade proves to be an excellent combination.

    Lemonade flavours are quite common in the market but mixtures of champagne and lemonade is still considerably uncommon.

    Just like the Mango Blackcurrant flavour, even though it contains 70% VG the taste is not mild at all.

    However, it is not as sweet as the Mango Blackcurrant and it is also not cold at all. Instead it has a very refreshing taste that is not overwhelming, making it a potential all-day vape.

    This is personally my favourite out of the two because unlike the Mango Blackcurrant flavour, it is not a very common flavour.

    The taste is pleasant and different from other lemonade flavours that are in the market.

    Coil Build Recommendations

    Single/Double Coil Tanks:

    For single coil tanks, I would recommend using 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 2.5mm inner coil diameter. The reason being, it will provide you with lower ohm resistance that a single coil tank can handle and it will also bring out better flavour.

    The flavour will also depend on the tank that you are using. For example, I’m currently using the Hurricane V2 tank which is more suitable for creamy flavours because of its tight airflow which is why I would recommend using this flavour if you have a single coil tank that has wider airflow such as the Kanger Subtank.

    As for double coil tanks, I would recommend using 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 2.5mm or 3.0mm inner coil diameter depending on the size of the deck.

    This will provide you with stronger flavour as well as decent cloud production. Unlike single coil tanks, double coil tanks don’t really vary in terms of flavour because most of the double coil tanks have wide airflows, some non-adjustable, so it will still give you strong flavour and nice cloud production.


    For drippers, I would recommend using 24 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 3.0mm inner coil diameter. The flavour will be milder compared to tanks but it will produce bigger and denser clouds.

    The flavour does vary for drippers depending on the size of the airflow. Some drippers that have smaller airflows will produce a stronger flavour as compared to drippers with larger airflows.

    For example, I am currently using a Druga RDA which has a very large airflow, so fruity flavours on this dripper will taste milder compared to drippers such as the Mutation XV4 but if your aim is to cloud chase then the larger the airflow, the better.

    For more advanced users, one of the coil builds I would recommend using is 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire parallel coils, 5-6 wraps and 2.5mm inner coil diameter.

    This coil build will provide very strong flavour on a dripper and it will also produce massive clouds. The reason why I am against beginners attempting to build this coil build is because the ohm resistance is a lot lower than your average builds so if you are not careful and lack experience, it can be dangerous.

    If you are a beginner and you would like to try out this build, get an experienced vaper that you know and get them to build it for you.

    There are also other coil builds that you can try out with drippers such as clapton coils, fused claptons, framed stapled coils, and so on, but these coils can have many specifications so if you have the time and are experienced enough, you can try out these builds with different specifications and find the one that tastes the best with these flavours.


    Dripper Tanks:

    For dripper tank users, I would recommend using the same coil builds as drippers. However, there are some dripper tanks that have an optional setting for either single coil or double coil.

    For this, I would recommend using the double coil setting as it gives better flavour and better cloud production. Also, for dripper tanks that have wider airflow such as the Limitless RDTA, I would recommend closing it off to about half open so that it will give better flavour.

    I would also like to mention that the builds I mentioned above on drippers for advanced users, they can also be used on dripper tanks because both specifications of drippers and dripper tanks are not very different.

    That’s all, thanks for taking the time to read!

    What's in your vape juice? (Plus a recipe to create your own!)

    What's in your vape juice? (Plus a recipe to create your own!)


    The vape scene has taken off around the world, and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down.

    In fact, some even consider it a sport today. With cloud competitions and tournaments popping up around the world, where vapers show off their huge puffs of clouds and perform impressive tricks.

    Vaping probably rose to popularity due to its versatility in flavours and levels of nicotine strength (0 nicotine options are commonly available) that can be adapted to people with a range of preferences.

    From minty and fruity to milky flavours, there’s no end to the variety of juices you can puff. They also come in nicely packaged bottles, making the vaping process a fun experience.

    No secrets

    Colourful designs aside, you may have wondered what goes into each bottle of tasty goodness.

    This may come as a surprise, but it is actually a very simple combination. In fact, you can count all of the ingredients required for a complete bottle of juice in one hand.

    The key ingredient that goes into every bottle is vegetable glycerin (VG). This is the ingredient that serves to produce the vapour, defining the vaping experience.

    VG carries a rather thick consistency, and is mildly sweet. This sweetness contributes to the overall flavour of the juice, so that is something that needs to be kept in mind when creating the concoction. 

    The other important ingredient is propylene glycol (PG). It has a thinner consistency compared to VG, and is mainly used to add intensity to the juice.

    It is also used to set the temperature of the vapour. Unlike VG, PG is odourless and tasteless, so the amount added in the mix will not affect the flavour.

    Use more if you’d like to add an extra hit to your juice. "Propylene glycol" may sound like a fancy word, but it's been in most of the products you’ve been using daily.

    Look at the list of ingredients on your toothpaste tube, and chances are, you’ll find PG on the list. 

    Nicotine is another important ingredient, although optional depending on whether you want this addictive substance in your juice.

    Again, the amount of nicotine to add to the mix should be decided based on how strong you want your juice to be.

    Some people prefer nicotine-free vape juices and choose to just enjoy the process of vaping and its flavours. If that is the case, you can leave this element out of your mix.

    Then of course, you’ll want to include flavouring. Food-grade flavouring is commonly used. These are the same flavours that are widely used in the food you eat and drink.

    As you can see, there’s really not much that goes into making these flavorful bottles of goodness.

    In fact, here’s a recipe for a bottle of Honeydew Melon juice so you can experiment and try making your own.

    Just make sure you keep to the decimals, as a slight difference in the mix can result in a huge difference in the flavour outcome:

    • 25ml / 3.15grams of Nicotine 36mg (100% VG)
    • 3ml / 3.11grams of PG dilutant
    • 6.6ml / 8.2grams of VG dilutant
    • 3ml / 3grams of Honeydew (TPA)

    *This recipe makes juice with a 6mg strength, and a PG/VG ratio of 40/60.

    Alternatively, to make life easy (because the world is complicated enough), you can also order honeydew flavours from a variety of brands here.

    Hopefully this clears the air on any doubts you have about vape juices. Of course, just like everything else, vape in moderation. Anything you do excessively will cause harm, so remember to know your limit.

    Happy vaping!

    Where to vape? A quick guide to figuring out where you can and cannot vape

    Where to vape? A quick guide to figuring out where you can and cannot vape


    No smoking signs. We’ve seen them everywhere: in restaurants, shopping malls, public transport, planes … and the list goes on.

    As time goes by, more and more places have started banning smoking due to its well known bad effects on health.

    Growing up, we’ve been conditioned to know instinctively where it is socially acceptable to light up and where it might not be.

    However, with vaping picking up steam recently, the lines on where you can and cannot vape are getting blurred. It’s not technically smoking, so does it still count?

    Vaping hasn’t been proven to be harmful, so do the usual rules still apply?

    The question then becomes, what is proper vaping etiquette?

    I’m sure we’ve all once seen vapers ignorantly spewing clouds of vapour in an enclosed place with others nearby; or puffing away while the family at the next table sits quietly while holding their breath, too polite to cause a scene.

    Surely there are places where you should, or should not vape?

    Where to vape

    Places that are usually more relaxed about vaping are places which already allow smoking, such as pubs or bars. It would usually be safe to fire up your mod anywhere outdoors as well, unless specified otherwise.

    Indoor places with designated smoking areas, such as airports and cinemas would also be fine with you pulling out your mod for a puff. However, make sure you keep your vaping in the specified areas to avoid landing in hot water!

    Lastly, it would also be fine to vape at home, providing your family members or roommates don’t have any issues with your vaping. But again, don’t take the people who live with you for granted. It’s always safer to ask first.

    Where not to vape

    Personally, I tend to rely on the presence of “no smoking” signs as a good indicator of whether it’d be acceptable to start vaping. If the establishment has an issue with anyone lighting up, it probably wouldn’t be too keen on anyone vaping either.

    Other places which are usually off limits for vaping involves anything indoors, including supermarkets, cinemas, airports, and places of religious worship.

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times some people have ignorantly blown out thick clouds of vapour in small enclosed areas, which usually leaves everyone else in a slightly hazy interior.

    Unless specifically allowed by the establishment, I usually adopt an ask-first policy before powering up my trusty mod.

    Similarly, any place with children around tends to be a no-no as well. If parents don’t like other people smoking near their children, it’d be a safe bet to assume that they feel the same way about vaping.

    Though vaping carries none of the hazards associated with smoking, it is still perceived as a “negative influence” to young ones. This rule also applies to playgrounds, even though they are usually outdoors.

    In short, try to not vape in places where your vaping might negatively influence those around you. When unsure, there’s no harm in asking!

    Vaping etiquette: how to be a polite vaper

    Vaping etiquette: how to be a polite vaper

    When you first start vaping, it’s easy to get carried away. You might feel as though you’re now free to vape everywhere you couldn’t smoke before.

    That doesn’t mean you should.

    Many of the etiquette rules that applied to smoking also apply to vaping. Here’s a simple guide to what you should or shouldn’t do when you vape.

    1. Do ask for permission when in the company of others.

      Just because you’re in an open area, it doesn’t mean that everyone is keen on inhaling your vapour. You might think it is a lot more pleasant than cigarette smoke but some non-smokers might disagree.

    2. Don’t vape indiscriminately when walking through crowds or public areas.

      If you need to, just stop by at a corner and vape. Engulfing people in your vapour as you walk past them is just inconsiderate.

    3. Do take note of non-smoking signs.

      Wherever a sign is displayed prominently, assume that it also applies to your vaping. Like it or not, many people do not make a distinction between smoking cigarettes and vaping.

    4. Don’t vape in air-conditioned interiors of public places.

      Unless it is a designated smoking area, resist the urge to vape in restaurants, shopping malls or other locations you wouldn’t normally light a cigarette.

    5. Do be mindful of where your smoke goes even when you’re outside.

      Some people might be more affected by your vape smoke than others – these include pregnant women, small children and babies, the elderly or the sick. If you’re seated next to family with young children for instance, perhaps refrain from vaping near them or, if possible, just move to a table further away. Sure, it’s a little inconvenient but it’s the kinder thing to do.

    6. Don’t decide to team up with a few friends to fill up a public space with your vape smoke.

      Though creating your own little area of vape-created haze might seem cool to you, it won’t be so cool for people who have to deal with the vapour after. Want to do that indoors? Hang out with a few mates at someone’s house instead of perhaps wait for a vape convention or event.

    7. Do ask permission before using someone’s e-cigarette.

      It’s not the same as asking for a lighter or a spare cigarette, or even asking for a puff off someone else’s rollie. There’s a different level of intimacy here so don’t get upset if a stranger isn’t willing to share an e-cigarette. Respect strangers’ boundaries.

    8. Don’t attempt to stealth vape and think you can get away with it.

      You might think it’s cool to sneak a puff in a cinema hall but there’s a high likelihood you’ll get caught and the people who see what you’re doing will have a bad impression of vapers in general.

    Make the effort to be considerate of non-vapers. Don’t be that vaper who gives the rest a bad name, ending up in tough restrictions on vaping. A little common sense, and some consideration, go a long way.

    What are some other ways to be a polite vaper? Tell us in the comments!

    The first-time vaper’s guide to vape juices

    The first-time vaper’s guide to vape juices

    The sheer variety of vape juices out there is one of the best things about vaping. There are just so many choices, you can forgive a beginner vaper for getting a little overwhelmed.

    Fear not, here’s a handy primer about the basics of vape juices – what they’re made from, what to look for, and how to choose the best e-liquid for you.

    The basics

    The standard bottle of e-liquid is made up of four basic ingredients:

    Propylene glycol (PG)

    A petroleum by-product, it forms the base of a juice. It carries flavour better than Vegetable Glycerin and produces what is called a ‘throat hit’,  a sensation similar to what it a smoke experiences when smoking tobacco.

    How safe is PG? It’s a common ingredient in various medical products, including asthma inhalers and is also found in beauty products as well as dog food.

    However PG can cause some common side-effects: sore throat, dry mouth and increased thirst. This might just be from the adjustment period of tapering off cigarettes so beginner vapers are advised to increase their fluid intake for the first few weeks.

    Vegetable glycerin (VG)

    For those who find high-levels of PG irritating to their throats, VG is an option. VG is included in most formulations as it produces a thicker smoke. A hit from a high VG fluid also feels smoother. It is also sweeter than PG so those who are turned off by VG’s flavour, might prefer higher PG mixes.

    For those with sensitive throats or allergies to PG, there are vape juices with 100% VG bases.

    Most vape juices however feature a mix between the two, so beginner vapers should sample a few different formulations until they find the best mix for their individual preferences.

    The most common rations include 50/50, 60/40, 80/20 and 100% PG or VG.


    Standard e-liquids can have varying nicotine levels: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 24mg and 32mg. The choice of potency will depend on how heavily you smoked previously with 12-24mg the usual choice for those who smoke around a pack a day.

    The great thing about the different nicotine choices is that gradually smokers can choose to slowly reduce nicotine amounts or have a custom strength mixed for them – not an option you get with cigarettes.

    Here’s a chart which matches up the strength of a regular cigarette to its rough vape equivalent:


    e-Liquid nicotine strength

    No nicotine


    Ultra light

    6mg (up to 10 cigarettes a day)


    12mg (up to 20 cigarettes a day)

    Regular (average strength)

    18mg (up to 30 cigarettes a day)

    Full flavoured (strong)

    24mg (up to 60 cigarettes a day)

    Unfiltered (very strong)

    36mg (60 cigarettes or more)



      Cheaper e-liquids use basic food grade flavouring while higher grade juices will combine multiple flavours, creating custom mixes that make the formula unique.

      Choose your supplier well

      While personal preferences need to be taken into account, first find out where the juice comes from. You want to be sure your juice is made from safe substances and not adulterated with unsafe ingredients.

      A reliable supplier would vet the juices they sell – a much better option than just buying juice from a random seller or street stall. Proper juices are made with higher quality, pharmaceutical grade VG and PG, that is free from harmful additives.

      Ask your vaping friends for recommendations and take the time to vet potential suppliers. Safety matters.

      Watch those nicotine levels

      After you’ve found a reliable juice brand, then you need to decide just how much nicotine you need. This might take some time to figure out.

      If you need to puff a lot to the point it feels excessive, you might need to up the nicotine level. This might take some time to figure out – no need to go crazy and buy too many formulas. Stick with one first and if it’s not working out, up the nicotine level or perhaps try a higher PG base formula.

      How do you know If the nicotine in a formula might be too high? When you take your first pull and you get too much of a throat hit. Don’t immediately dismiss a formula in that case; sometimes all you need is just the formula in a lower nicotine concentration.

      You might be better off choosing a formula with a good mix of VG and PG – that gives you more of a throat hit as well as strong vapour, without needing more nicotine. Nicotine overdosing is a real danger so avoid the temptation to go straight for the highest level.

      Spoiled for flavour choices

      When it comes to flavours, though, you can knock yourself out.

      If you like sweeter flavours, try the fruity ones with a higher concentration of VG. Mango is a particular favourite with this group, as is watermelon.

      Miss your menthols? Vape juices have you covered there too. There’s quite a variety of menthol flavours – from straight up cold menthols, to smoother formulas, and even fruity menthols.

      Another flavour category is cream-based formulas. Ever wanted a root beer or strawberry shortcake smoking experience? There’s a juice for that.

      There are also various other interesting mixes you will discover as you continue your vape journey.

      Give it time

      When you’re just starting out, don’t be too keen on swapping out a variety of juices. Stick with one first. Once you’re used to the routine, and you’re sure that your juice’s nicotine strength is deal, then you can start getting adventurous.

      Experiment with different bases, try out different flavours and if you find out you aren’t so cool with one particular flavour, see if you like it better with a lower nicotine strength.

      Be sure to store your juices away from extreme temperatures: your fridge is a good place. Glass bottles are also a better choice than plastic so if you want to stock up, choose glass juice bottles and keep them in the refrigerator.

      You will definitely enjoy the process of discovering which juices you favour, and who knows? You might surprise yourself.