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May 02, 2016

In the last half year or so, governments all over the world have been discussing regulation of the vape industry.

In this new section – Vape News Roundup – VapeClubMY highlights happenings in the world of vape.


Doctors warn of big tobacco firms entering e-cigarette market

[The Guardian, 28/4/16]
Over-regulation of e-cigarettes could lead to a higher barrier of entry for small and medium companies who have already been involved in the vape industry. This would pave the way for a monopoly by big tobacco companies.

An impact assessment document released by the Department of Health in the UK says that, “There is a risk that a black market will develop with potentially harmful e-cigarette products. due to consumers no longer having the same degree of choice in the legal market.” [article]

Vaping at the Euros?

[examiner.com, 27/4/16]
If you’re a huge football fan who’s going to see the Euros this year, great news! You’ll be able to bring your vape into the stadium with you. The bad news? You won’t be able to vape inside.

But you’ll definitely be able to carry your vape along and bring it with you into France, which has the largest vape community in Europe. If you’ve never travelled with your vape before, remember to empty your tank and separate it from the mod before boarding the plane. [article]

Public health should step aside. Vapers are now leading the fight against smoking

[The Spectator, 26/4/16]
Vaping has proven to be one of the best tools for smoking cessation, with those who have made the switch sharing their newfound knowledge with others who also want to make the switch.

While vaping may not be entirely healthy, it definitely provides a way to reduce the harm caused by smoking cigarettes and the advocates are ex-smokers who have switched to vaping.

In this extremely interesting opinion piece, Professor Gerry Stimson writes that “there are nearly one million ‘frontline staff’ and ‘outreach workers’ — the new vapers who have stopped smoking and can advise their smoking friends about vaping.”

He also compares vape shops, of which there are 1,500 to 2,000 in the UK, to free ‘smoking cessation advice centres’. [article]

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