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Our Top Five Vape YouTubers


Vape YouTubers are a great source of information. In this post, we highlight some of our favourites.

Well, just a quick definition to the ones who are new to the term “vaping”. Vaping refers to the inhalation of water vapor that may or may not contain nicotine and should not be confused with smoking. Vaping doesn’t involve the usual combustion that comes with lighting up a cigarette.

The water vapor is obtained when the vaporizer is used to heat up the e-liquid which is a combination of nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The vaporizer is the device that’s usually made up of components such as the battery, atomizer, tube, cartridge, atomizer and cartomizer.

If you’re new to vaping, there are heaps of online platforms that provide a wealth of information – from the history of vaping to the latest gadgets and juices.

Besides the usual forums and central platforms, there is also a community of vape bloggers and vape YouTubers. Many of these individuals share their experiences about vaping and might even review products. They’re an amazing source for information on what’s going on in the vaping world.

In countries where there are ongoing debates for regulation, these platforms can be used to raise awareness that indeed vaping is not as harmful as smoking. And many of the individuals manning these online platforms are certainly doing their part to propagate the necessary information.

As a vape platform, VapeClubMY strives to be in the know on all vape happenings, not just in the country where our headquarters are located, but also in the rest of the world.

To do this, we often turn to vape YouTubers and other bloggers. While each individual may have his/her favourite, there are some vape YouTubers that we constantly go to for information. Here’s our list:


Phil Bursado is one of the vape YouTubers that we always search for and his videos rarely disappoint us.

Many people subscribe to his channel on YouTube to sharpen the information they already have on vaping. He seeks not only to entertain his web visitors but also maintains instructional content for his viewerbase.

He was a smoker once. However, he completely shifted to vaping in 2009 once he had acknowledged some of its merits. He discovered that the pros of vaping outweighed those of smoking and thus made the switch.

Later on, inspired by numerous forums and reviews such as those from E-Cigarette Forum and Grimm Green, he dedicated his effort towards providing instructional videos on YouTube. These videos are characterized by both humor and passion.

His dedication in posting relevant information has drawn him a wide viewership on his online channels. His channel currently has over 130,000 subscribers and also uses Facebook to connect with more vapers worldwide.



Richard Mallard hails from East Texas and has a similar storyline to other longtime smokers who have switched to vaping.

When he chose to quit, vaping was his option for smoking cessation. It proved to be successful and after adopting the vaping lifestyle, he went on to establish various business ventures in support of the industry.

He was already a known name in YouTube since he started in 2013. What he needed then after adopting this new lifestyle was to rebrand. He efficaciously rebranded his YouTube channel from posting car stereo apparatus to vaping information.

With the ever growing consumer number in vaping, this gave his channel a boost in the number of subscribers and views. His channel has over 220,000 subscribers and is one of the vape Youtubers we can’t quit watching.



Commonly referred to as Nick, this ex-smoker opted for vaping as an alternative. Back in 2008. when he was on a quest for an alternative to cigarettes, he came across an e-cigarette video.

This video is what led him to pick up vaping. The following year, after finding vaping to be quite conducive, he started posting vaping videos on his channel.

Grimm Green is one of the early vape YouTubers who set the standards for the online community to advocate for vaping and create awareness. He is thought to have inspired many people to abandon smoking and adopt a vaping instead.

He also has a website where he posts informative stuff such as reviews and tutorials for the online vaping society.

He more than 270,000 subscribers and is definitely one of our favourites when it comes to vape YouTubers.



With over 300,000 subscribers, Indoor Smokers has also proven to be among the top vape YouTubers to watch out for. His approach in offering instructional videos to the online community has been outstanding.

His wonderful persona is quite striking and one would be glued watching from one video to the next without flinching. The videos he uploads on his YouTube channel are easy to follow even for beginners, which makes this YouTube channels a to-watch if you want to grow your vaping knowledge.



RiP Trippers is said to be the most influential vape YouTuber of all time. He boasts more than 660,000 subscribers and his videos have almost 100 million views.

He ventured into vaping in the year 2011 and later became very involved in the sector. He is known to have created his own brand of atomizer, which was called AC9.

The AC9 would later gain popularity in the vaping industry and make him even more well-known to many vapers.

He is often described as a finely-bearded guy although his real name is not known to the public. His dedication to provide information consumers in obvious from the quality of videos he uploads on his channel.

He is one of the first vape YouTubers that we started watching and whenever we want to try new products, his videos are the ones that we search for. Always informative and entertaining, he’s one of the vape YouTubers we can’t quit.


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