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September 15, 2016

Malaysia has some of the best e-liquids the world has to offer but there are certainly some breweries from across the ocean that have that amazing flavour that no one else in the world can produce. 

Five Pawns is one such brewery; it's even reputed to have a secret steeping method that no one else can emulate. 

For the uninitiated, brewing vape juices is a multistep process. After flavours are mixed into propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), some juices have to be given time for the flavours to properly infuse into the PG and VG. The step where the flavours are given time to develop is called steeping. 

There are multiple ways to do this. Some breweries might use some sort of heating and mixing technique, others might just give the juices time to sit. Others might even use oak barrels.

Figuring out the best steeping process for a specific e-juice involves some level of experimentation and some of the master brewers utilise these methods to bring out the best flavours from their e-liquids.

#1: Five Pawns


It's been said that even if one were able to copy all the flavours in an e-liquid produced by Five Pawns, the crucial step in being able to clone the exact taste is the steeping process. 

It should be no surprise then, when I let you in on the fact that Five Pawns is our top favourite imported e-liquid. 

Their flavours -- from Castle Long to Black Flag Risen -- are highly complex and vaping them exposes one's tongue to layer after layer of flavour, each combining to create a sensational complement of flavours. 

One of our absolute favourites is definitely Castle Long, which is a blend of Kentucky Bourbon, roasted almond, vanilla bean and brown sugar. 

When vaping Castle Long, each note stands out but flows extremely smoothly into the next note, each combining perfectly with the other. 

Every puff of this delicious vape is magnificent! 

#2: Mountain Oak


Mountain Oak is second on the list almost purely due to their Applewood flavour. One of the best tobacco flavours around, Applewood is a double apple and tobacco blend. 

The apple notes are sweet, but not too sweet, and has the subtle fragrance of red apple. The undertone is a mellow woodiness that simultaneously lifts and subdues the apple flavours, complementing the sweet scent of the apple perfectly. 

Beyond the top layers of apple and woodiness, we also detected a delicious nuttiness that rounds out the flavour perfectly. 

This is a flavour that we cannot get enough of as it's a beautiful change from the usual fruity all-day vapes. 

#3: Jazzy Boba


Well-known for their bubble milk tea flavours, Jazzy Boba is the signature milk tea flavour in the series. Smooth and delicious, this is a delightful after-meal or snack vape.

Other flavours include Dewwy Boba and Mango Boba, which feature the same delicious milk tea base but with a fruity finish. 

Extremely delicious, these imported flavours go at a steal of only RM55 per bottle on the Vape Club International store. 

For those who want to try them all, get all three in a bundle for only RM155! 

#4: Kilo


Another delicious imported flavour that we turned up from our search for flavours is Kilo. They currently have five distinct flavours in their line-up, each artisanally handcrafted to create an amazing blend. Edit: Kilo now has a black premium series that comes with tons of Kilo merchandise!

One of our favourites is their Cereal Milk, which is a delicious breakfast vape. Fruit cereal (think Trix) with just the right amount of milk, it's refreshing and super tasty! 

What are your favourite e-liquids from? Tell us about them!

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