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April 10, 2016

Here are some reasons to refute the common objections to vaping

The next time you get into a debate about e-cigarettes, make sure that you are slaying your side of the argument with a decision grounded from rationality and accurate information.

Non-vapers wouldn’t know, or wouldn’t even probably care about this issue. But they should. Why? because smoking kills and it affects passive smokers more than active ones.

Yes, that is right. The next time you see someone smoking cigarettes, be careful about breathing. Now I got your attention.

Actually, you don’t really need to be anxious about breathing smoke-polluted air anymore because thanks to genius minds, there are already alternatives – vapes.

If you are thinking now that perhaps vapes are the healthier and safer option, then yes, you’ve made an intelligent guess. However, we still can’t please everybody.

Despite how our world has changed and become technologically advanced, some people stick to the conventional ways and are less receptive or even skeptical to new ideas.

Reluctance to the use of vapes has spread and some countries have passed regulations regarding the usage of this better option. Now, you may be thinking about their reasons.

In this article, we will discuss that point by point. However, before we proceed to the interesting part. Let us first talk about vapes – how they came to existence, their effects and what are they in general.

The Beginning of Vapes

The e-cigarette is not really a new concept. It was developed in the 1960’s by a guy named Herbert Gilbert because according to him, he wanted to provide an alternative to smoking burnt stuff.

However, manufacturers didn’t seem to believe that it would sell. His idea was disregarded and was soon forgotten.

Luckily, in 2003 a Chinese merchandiser named Hon Lik revived the idea of e-cigarettes when he turned his dream to reality. Yes, it is a literal dream. He dreamed of himself drowning and the water filled his lungs turned into a harmless vapour.

Prior to that, he was already searching for ways to quit smoking as his dad had died from lung cancer.

From then on, he was able to use his Chinese abilities and sell the product. Now, there are a lot of modern e-cigarettes sold out in the market. There are innovations surfacing from time to time and definitely, this invention has nowhere to go but up.

Haters gonna hate

Vapes way to the top wasn’t or won’t be easy because there is also a pool of haters trying to overthrow the benefits of vaping.

The vaping community however, is confident that these are merely subjective and invalidated facts from a myopic perspective.

Now, let us debunk each of these accusations. This will not be geared towards convincing you to support vaping but this will try to give you a clearer understanding about vaping so by the time you made a decision, it will be an informed one.

Let the obvious be stated here. Vaping is a healthier and definitely, a better alternative to smoking.

It will not just help smokers quit. It will help them transition to a safer option for themselves and for the general public.

You can’t just ask smokers to quit abruptly. It is like asking writer to stop writing and a swimmer to stop swimming.

Smoking isn’t good for health

Yes, we know that. But, do you think smokers care about this anymore?

They know it is not good for them but it is already a part of their everyday life, embedded in their system so until and unless, you give them a similar and better option, you can never ask them to quit.

It will affect their psychological well-being and maybe even physically.

Why is vaping just better than smoking? Have you heard about tar? Yes, that is right. You heard about it because perhaps, you saw warnings about cigarette smoking because of its tar content.

Tar makes smokers’ teeth yellow. In fact, you’ll know it’s present when you ask the smoker to blow on a white surface such as paper or tissue and see how it turns yellow.

Vapes do not have this effect and certainly does not contain tar. There are only four active ingredients in vapes: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavouring and nicotine. So yes, you save yourself from tar when you choose vaping.

Smoking is expensive

An active smoker who consumes one pack of cigarette a day spends a lot for around $15 dollars per pack. In the long run, you can save a lot of money if you turn to vapes because it is relatively more affordable.

The pre pack may cost you some but consider the long term use because you don’t just smoke for one month or so. You may smoke for the rest of your life so choose the more practical option.

As stated above, there are only four main ingredients of vape juice. None of these ingredients is carcinogen, even nicotine is not.

Nicotine may be poisonous when handling large doses or may be highly addictive but no, it does not cause cancer.

Besides, some vape juices may not contain nicotine. If you make your own vape juice, then you also have the option to minimise the amount of nicotine or not include it at all.


Now, let’s talk about cigarettes. How many harmful chemicals and carcinogens do you think is found in every tobacco cigarette?

There are about 4000 lethal additives found in tobacco and definitely, some are cancer causing too such as Polonium. Some causes liver defects, lung cancer and some are even banned chemicals. Formaldehyde is also found is tobacco cigarettes.

Objections to Vaping

#1 Formaldehyde in vapes

There have been recent studies that claim that formaldehyde is also found in vapes. Does that mean vapes are not really healthy and safe? Well, not really.

However, what reports fail to mention is that the recent study stated that formaldehyde will form only in very high levels of temperature, like dangerously high levels.

So granting that the recent study is correct, this changes the whole idea now. Who do you think would smoke vapes inside the microwave? Yes, it is ridiculous.

Of course, a high level of temperature is simply not convenient, not even rational. So, it means vapers are still spared from the harmful formaldehyde but cigarette smokers, no they are not.

Regardless of the temperature levels, they are still affected.


#2 E-cigarettes Can Blow Up at Anytime

Now, let us look into the part of an electronic cigarette. Most of these products have atomisers which turn the liquid into vapour. So yes, there is an e liquid used in the cartridges and of course, a source of power, a battery.

Now, some are claiming that at any instant e-cigarettes could fail and blow up your face. E-cigarettes, just like any other device is carefully analysed and processed so unless you modify it without prescription, it is unlikely to explode.

(Find out more about causes behind e-cigarette explosions in this article.)

E cigarette manufacturers condemn changing anything in the e-cigarette for everyone’s safety. The technology used in these products is advanced and has an automatic shutdown when it is completely charged. So, did that blow your mind?

If you are now convinced that a vaper has a better chance of survival that a smoker, let us complete the package by adding something more important.

Smoking affects even non-smokers. If your father smokes inside the house or within a short distance from the family, then most likely, children will still be affected as passive or second hand smokers.

People around inhale what smokers exhale. Vapes, however, are comparably safer for the public. It will not affect people around.

The vapour that comes out from the e cigarette dissolves in 11 seconds while the smoke from cigarettes stay longer at around 20 seconds based on a recent study by a group of French scientists.

#3 Vaping Encourages the Young to Start Smoking

Since we are now talking about the public, why don’t we talk about the youth too. The major sentimental reason used by anti-vapes against vaping is that it affects or encourages the youth to try it because of the flavouring.

First, the flavourings added to vapes are not intended to attract children for candies. They are meant to be added there to convince smokers to quit and resort to a more gratifying option.

Just like children, adults are not spared from having inclinations as to taste, so that explains the flavours.

Now, granting that it is an unintended cause, it is still debatable. Why? It is simple. Vapers do not attract youth who do not previously smoke.

It attracts youth who are counted as smokers. It veers them away from smoking the harmful cigarette to the better option.

There is a study to back this up that almost all teen vapers are previously smokers. In fact, the increase in vaping has been linked to the decline in smoking.

#4 Vaping Will Normalise Smoking

Moving on, some people claim that vaping will “normalise” smoking. This is just a pointless statement.

Come on, were you born yesterday? Smoking is already normal. It is normal to see your father, your brother, you colleague, your friend smoke.

You do not panic when you see them insert cigarette between their lips. It is simply accepted by society already.

In fact, cigarettes have been present for a long time. Even in the past, people smoked rolled tobacco.

So, what’s the issue there? Look at vaping at a fresh perspective.

It is a treatment to smoking, a chance to quit smoking. If it does become successful and “normal”, isn’t that a positive idea?

It is understandable that society is still cynical about vaping. It is new to them and as usual, people are doubtful about things that are new.

However, until and unless you have sufficient proof to discourage the vaping community, it is better that you keep an open mind about it.

Let us avoid generic conclusions and assumptions that are fed by different influences including the media.

Sometimes, companies can twists stories to make it convenient for their end.

Have you ever wondered if tobacco companies also hate vaping? Let us leave the discussion open and make your own stance about it.

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