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June 09, 2016

Nasty Juice is an amazing Malaysian vape juice (that we now ship worldwide)



Image credits: Nasty Worldwide

Even in the midst of all the struggles that the vape industry is facing worldwide, there are still vape brewers coming up with delightful creations that come in gorgeous, collectible packaging.

Getting nasty in a good way
Nasty Worldwide is one such vape brewer. With five juices under its belt currently, each of them is a delectable treat that keeps its fans wanting more.

Besides Malaysia, Nasty has distributors in other parts of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and even in Europe, which means that their juices are constantly in demand and in limited supply.

Ensuring a constant supply
At Vape Club International, we always make sure we stock up on their juices, even as they’re steadily flying off our shelves. It’s definitely one of our best selling vape juices.

While there are other juices that are just as superb in terms of taste, Nasty’s packaging is colourful and definitely worth having if you’re a collector.

(Want to buy juices at wholesale prices? Contact us.)

Delicious fruity vape flavours, captivating designs
In our opinion, Malaysian brewers produce the best fruity vape juices in the world and Nasty is definitely one of the best brewers in our books.

They currently have three fruity juices, each featuring a single fruit as its base. It’s not always an easy task to draw out all the flavour from a single fruit but Nasty Juice certainly achieves this with their fruity collection.

Part of the Nasty Juice Low Mint series, their fruity juices are perfect for those who love fruit flavours but don’t enjoy the brain-freezing effect that comes with super cold vape juices.

Bad Blood


How could there be bad blood between anyone after vaping a flavour as delicious as this? Bad Blood is a gorgeous blackcurrant flavour that’s only just slightly cold.

A berry that grows in temperate climates and is typically used in jams, jellies and syrups, while many of us have never tasted the fresh berry, we’ve certainly tasted it in its processed form.

Ribena, blackcurrant jam, yogurt drink – blackcurrant flavours always have a freshness and zest that’s so desirable especially during summer or hot tropical weather.

Imagine being able to get all of that delicious flavour, the playful taste of summer in a vape flavour. Blackcurrant-flavoured vape juices are certainly one of my go-to flavours when I’m not sure what to vape.

They’re always refreshing and totally all-day vape material. It’s even loved by vapers all over the world.

“Bloody nice!” said YouTube reviewer Vin Vapes. Check out his video below ↓.

Devil Teeth


Imagine the lusciousness of sinking your teeth into a soft, juicy honeydew melon. One bite and the juices pour into your mouth, flooding your palate. The honey fragrance wafting into your nose.

Now imagine getting all of that flavour packed into one puff of vapour. Devil Teeth is an easy juice to love, especially if you love honeydew.

There are brands that don’t get the honeydew flavour totally right; it’s hard to get all the flavours of such a subtle-tasting fruit into a single mouthful. But Devil Teeth by Nasty Juice is made up of layers and layers of pure honeydew gold.

If you prefer flavours that are super cold, this may not be totally what you’re looking for. Part of the low mint series, this juice doesn’t have the same level of coldness as juices like Mystree or Madhouz Crest.

But if it’s a honeydew fruity flavour that you’re after, then definitely, definitely get your hands on one of these. It’s a delicious flavour that comes in delightful packaging. Definitely one for the collection!

Fat Boy


There’s something sinfully delicious about biting into a fat, ripe, juicy mango. Letting its juice dribble into your mouth and down your throat. If it’s a good mango, the juice will be delectably rich and sweet.

While there may be many mango flavours on the market, Fat Boy should definitely be one of your top picks. Besides being a totally delicious flavour, it also comes in the same awesome packaging that all the other Nasty Juice flavours boast.

For those who love mango flavours but don’t want it to be too cold, this is perfect. Some other good pure mango flavours like 888, or Masterblend Mangoking can be on the colder side. If you don’t like cold vape juices, but want the same power-packed mango flavour, opt for Fat Boy by Nasty.

Superb creamy vape flavours
Skilled brewers are able to get both creamy and fruity juices right. With creamy flavours, there has to be increased complexity in order to round out all the layers within the flavour. The best creamy juices are smooth, with just enough throat hit and an aftertaste that will leave you craving more.

Nasty Juice currently has two creamy flavours, both of which seem like simple, straightforward creamy flavours. But vape them and you’ll see that they have deliciously complex palates and layers of flavour that combine together perfectly to create a harmonious blend of flavours that come together in concert to tease and fascinate your taste buds.

Hustle Killa


Image credits: Creme de la Crumb

Ever had an orange julius? It has all the freshness of orange, without its harsh acidity.

To make an orange julius, blend vanilla, milk, sugar, ice and orange juice. If you want to be adventurous, tweak this orange julius and liven it up with fresh strawberries!

Hustle Killa by Nasty Juice is a gorgeously creamy strawberry and orange blend much like a strawberry orange julius.

Sugary vanilla notes balanced out with tangy orange and sweet-sour strawberry, this vape juice will make you so mellow, you’ll want to just sit back and relax, leave the hustle of the rat race to other people.

Creamy enough to create a full-bodied flavour and fruity enough to keep you wanting more. When it comes to all-day vapes, there are times when I prefer to keep my tank full with fruit-flavoured creamy flavours.

Wake N Bake


Image credits: Food Lover’s Market

Apple pie is one of the most popular creamy vape juice flavours and it’s not always easy to get it right.

Some apple pie-flavoured juices have left me gagging because there was a strange, doughy aftertaste. Others have been too spicy (too much cinnamon) or lacked the signature flavour of warm crust (a must in pie-flavoured juices).

Wake N Bake however, gets it right on all of these counts.

The apple flavour is perfect for pie – slightly sour but caramel-ly sweet, browned to perfection and warm in the mouth.

There are hints of raisin, vanilla and cinnamon – necessary ingredients if an apple pie is to be superb.

Now, for an apple pie to be truly perfect, the secret’s in the crust. It has to be crispy enough, browned enough on its surface, and just soft enough to balance out the soft apple-y filling. This can be a hard effect to achieve in a vape juice.

Which is why Nasty Juice is such an amazing brand. Not only have they managed to create delicious vape juices. Their packaging – from copywriting to design – is impressively engaging, which is why Nasty vape juice bottles stay on people’s shelves even after the last drop of juice is gone.

Creating and enlivening a lifestyle

On top of their amazing products, Nasty Juice (also known as Nasty Worldwide) is a joy to follow on their social media channels.

On Facebook, they’re fb.com/nastyworldwide and on Instagram, they’re @nastyworldwide.


Image credits: Nasty Worldwide

If you’re the sort who enjoys looking through handcheck photos on Instagram or browsing through new designs for vape skins, there’s a heap of those on their social media accounts, along with snippets of other vape lifestyle-related activities.

How to buy

Based on the current enquiries that the Vape Club International store has been getting, we know that Nasty Juice is popular worldwide, especially in Europe.

However, they aren’t always available in local stores and if they are may be quite costly.

So if you’re a fan of their flavours, great news! Nasty Juice flavours are now available on the Vape Club International store.

Look for Nasty juices, then select the flavour that you want (any number of it), the add to cart.

In your cart, you will also get information about shipping prices – it may vary depending on where you’re ordering from. Now all you have to do is fill out your information and complete payment.

Our vape store accepts PayPal, which means that it’s easy to make payment and with its buyer protection feature, you can rest easy.

Once that’s all done, just sit back and wait for your new juices to arrive!

Want to stock Nasty vape juice in your vape shop?

If you’re a reseller with customers asking for Nasty Juice, we also have something for you. Check out our Wholesale page and contact us through there with your enquiry.

We’ll send you a list with great prices, crafted specially for resellers. If you have further questions, feel free to drop us a line.

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