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April 26, 2016

There been much controversy over vaping in the past year. Although it’s not healthy, it’s nowhere close to how harmful cigarettes are.

In this new section – Vape News Roundup – VapeClubMY highlights happenings in the world of vape.


What’s Really Killing India’s Smokers

[Wall Street Journal, 25/4/16]
Indian authorities have taken harsh action against those selling vape products containing nicotine. Their reasoning is that nicotine is lethal.

While it’s true that pure undiluted nicotine may be very toxic, in cigarettes and vapes, it is used at concentrations that are non-toxic to adults.

What many regulators have failed to realize is that smokers smoke to get nicotine but it’s not the nicotine that’s lethal. It’s the combustion in cigarettes that does. [article]

Doctors Attack E-Cigarette Taxes, Tell FDA To Focus On Benefits Of Vaping

[The Daily Caller, 25/4/16]
A group of scientists and researchers raised concerns about overly strict regulations of e-cigarettes, suggesting that over-regulation may be bad for public health.

At the moment, regulators seem to be focusing more on the harm that vaping causes rather than observing the fact that many vapers switch to vaping from smoking, which is far more harmful. [article]

As authorities debate the rules, vapers form a colorful culture

[The Baltimore Sun, 25/4/16]
Even as authorities and those in charge of regulations are discussing vaping and how to regulate it, vapers themselves are having discussions over flavours and latest gear.

Those who have joined the vaping community say that vaping helped them ditch the smoking habit and that it is a “great alternativeto cigarettes”. [article]

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