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December 29, 2016

While the Mango Most flavours may not be loved by all vapers, there is certainly at least one group that will adore these -- those who love mango-flavoured vape juices. 
Mango Most, as its name suggests, boasts a range of vape juices that utilises mango as its base flavour. However, don't worry about getting bored; each flavour has a twist of its own, a little addition to bring out and elevate the flavour of the mango. 
As a fruit, mango can be eaten on its own or it can be used in a variety of dishes -- from curry to shaved-ice desserts. It's no surprise then, that even when it's used as a base flavour, the variations of e-liquids produced can be infinite. 
Mango Most starts off with simpler variations ie. mixing one other flavour with the mango but each of them is delicious in its own right.  

Mango Lychee

Mmmmm... this is one delicious flavour. In our hot tropical weather, drinking a sweet, ice-cold lychee drink is as thirst-quenching as it is invigorating. Now imagine this deliciously refreshing fruit, mixed with sweet, juicy mango. 
Mango Lychee by Mango Most is a definite all-day vape. And it comes at a steal -- 55ml for RM35. 

Mango Blackcurrant

A new take on the ever-popular flavour mix of mango and blackcurrant, this Mango Blackcurrant flavour is a higher-volume alternative to AJ Vape's. Just as delicious and all-day vapey, it's a good, value-for-money alternative. 
If you like AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant, this is one new brand to look out for!

Honey Mango

No, not Horny Mango. Honey Mango. Imagine sweet, sweet mango flavours tinged with the subtle fragrance of honey. In spite of its simplicity, it's an interesting flavour, for sure.
If you're a fan of mango flavours, definitely try this one. It's not a flavour that we see very often. 
Have you tried any of the Mango Most vape juices? Like or dislike, tell us about it in the comments!

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