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February 06, 2017


Whether you are in a long-term relationship or have met someone new recently, selecting a gift for Valentine's Day can be pretty stressful, as it can say a lot about a person and your relationship.

Instead of turning to overpriced roses, which are so cliché and predictable, why not try something new this year?

If she's a vaper, stand out from the crowd and surprise your significant other with some nicely-packaged vape juices, with subtle messages that will warm her heart.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of suggestions, depending on the kind of relationship you’re in.

Adorable puppy love

Daydreaming was never your thing until you met her. Every time you think of her, you feel butterflies in your stomach and catch yourself smiling for no good reason, embarrassingly enough.

You tease each other constantly when you’re together, just as your friends love teasing the both of you.You’re that adorable couple everyone wishes they had a chance to experience.

Cloudy Heaven Space Mangomay be a good choice this Valentine’s Day to show her how often she puts you on cloud nine, and her adorable puppy eyes may just make your heart melt.

Party partner-in-crime

She swipes right, you swipe right. You meet for dinner then drinks at a bar. Before you know it, you’re on the dance floor partying the night away.

She’s a sexy on the outside and the more you get to know her, you discover that she's sexier on the inside.

The first number on your speed-dial before hitting the clubs, her constant surprises are what keeps your relationship on fire.

Now it’s your turn to surprise her with Throne’s The Mad Queen to show how much you appreciate her zest for life!

No strings attached

You’re in a fun relationship and enjoy each other’s company. You text each other at random, but remain careful to leave enough space for your personal lives.

You live by the same mantra, “Carpe Diem.” Life’s too short to be worrying about things as petty as defining a relationship.

Taking each day at a time, you never commit to anything planned beyond a week in advance. But when you’re together, you make sure to enjoy every moment of it.

Cosmic Fog Euphoriais perfect to demonstrate your special relationship without putting a label on it.

Call me, maybe?

Introduced by mutual friends at a party last night, you sensed some sparks flying but can’t be too sure. You’ve got her number and can’t wait for three days to pass before sending her a “casual” text message.

Maybe you’ll just stalk her on Facebook first. Secretly (or not so secretly), you’re hoping that this Valentine’s Day will be a chance to get to know her better.

We suggest havingFantasi Orange Iceon hand when you meet. A simple flavour that appeals to most palates, it’s a great one to break the ice.

Lifetime partner

She’s everything you can dream of, and more. Gorgeous, smart, and loyal as a partner, she’s the ideal person to wake up to every morning.

You’d do anything for her, as she would for you. In it for the long run, this is one person you know will always have your back.

To express your appreciation for her this Valentine’s day, present her with theThrone bundleover a candle-lit dinner. She is your queen, after all.

GIVEAWAY: Tell us what you're getting for your significant other in the comments! If you're lucky, we'll include an extra gift in your shipment (terms and conditions apply).

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