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February 10, 2017


Ever since breaking upon the scene a few years back, vaping has never been far from the pages of Malaysia’s most popular newspapers. Some of the things written have been positive, while some others have been less so.

Some of the more positive vape-related news have involved the economic opportunities made possible for local entrepreneurs, with some media outlets even going as far as to call Malaysia "Asia's vaping wonderland".Other news have featured the health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping. 

On the flip side, there have also been many reports of vaping having an adverse effects on one’s health. (How could it be worse than smoking, we wonder?)

Vaping has also been suggested to be no better than smoking, as the vapour particles could potentially have harmful effects on the lungs with extended use.

Amidst potential government regulation and statements from the Fatwa Council, Malaysians are still vaping on.

Here, we highlight some of the latest news available on vaping in Malaysia. 

Quit smoking! Start vaping!

Recent studies have shown that going cold turkey as a means of quitting could actually be dangerous to one’s health due to the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

At the same time, it reports that smokers who use viable nicotine replacements are more successful in their attempts to quit.

Here's where vaping comes in: Besides providing the nicotine required to prevent withdrawal symptoms, vaping is also able to accurately replicate the action of smoking with the inhale/exhale of vapour.

Hence, as a medium to quit smoking, vaping has been shown to be an extremely viable alternative.

Don’t worry, it’s not illegal!

Recently, the Malaysian government has alsotaken steps to regulate the vape industry. Three separate government industries (KPDNKK, MOH, and MOSTI) have been tasked with drawing up the necessary regulations to ensure that the production, sale, and use of vape-related products is legal.

The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and ConsumerismKPDNKK will be responsible for regulating the safety standards for vape devices, and also enforcing the marking and labelling of vape related products.

This will ensure that all vapers out there can be assured that the devices used, or the juices being vaped comply with standards set by the ministry.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) will be working to ensure that the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine be made possible only through the proper channels. 

They will also be regulating the sale, promotion, and use of health related labels for vape juices, along with ensuring that underaged consumers will be restricted from vaping. This is good news for vapers who are concerned about the origins of their vape juices.

Lastly, the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) will be responsible for developing standards for e-cigarette batteries and devices, along with the packaging of nicotine-free vape juices.

Regulation is good news for all vapers

After the Sultan of Johor implemented a ban on the sale of all vape-related products in the state of Johor last year, there was a nervous expectation in the vape community that a total ban on vaping was on the cards.

With a total of five states - Penang, Kedah, Johor, Kelantan, and Terengganu - imposing a ban on vape, those were indeed bleak times.

Thankfully, a disaster has been averted with the government's decision to regulate the industry, and industry players are hoping for prompt action from the authorities to clarify the way forward.

Hopefully, the ban on vape in these five states will also be lifted with the imminent regulation of vape leading the way.

What else have you heard in the news lately? Drop us a line and let us know!

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