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October 26, 2015

Despite the growth of the industry, there’s a lack of information on how big the vape industry is. “How are vape sold?” is a question the FTC aims to answer with its new study

It’s been reported that the vape business has boomed in the last few years but there is still a lack of solid figures that detail how large the industry really is.

The US Federal Trade Commission has announced that it will begin a study to collect information on how e-cigarettes and related accessories are being marketed.

Some of the information that FTC aims to collect are:

  1. sales and give-aways of e-cigarettes and related products (e.g., refill cartridges and e-liquids)
  2. marketing expenditures, including the amounts being spent on various media
  3. product placements in television programming, motion pictures, magazines, and other publications
  4. efforts such as age-screening mechanisms to prevent youth from being exposed to advertising and promotion for e-cigarettes or from obtaining free product samples
  5. expenditures on advertising to deter youth under the age of 18 from purchasing or using e-cigarettes
  6. data collection activities, including data collection in connection with digital and social media marketing, and efforts to avoid collection of data from those under age 18

It’d be amazing to have a study like that done in Malaysia, where the market for e-cigarettes is growing as well.

(via Motherboard)

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