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April 10, 2016

You’ve made the leap! You’ve gone from becoming a smoker to a first time vaper.

Congratulations on buying your first vape. You’ve probably read articles, asked for opinions and thought long and hard about what device to buy.

Now that you have it, where do you start?

Prep Your Device

1. Do you know how to turn your vape on and off?

Before you can take your first inhale from your device, you’ll need to make sure that it’s turned on. So start with that! Most vapes require you to hit the button five times. Read the instructions that come with your device.


2. Is there juice in your tank?

Make sure that you have liquid in your tank. If you don’t know how already, figure out how to put juice in your tank and make sure that your wick is wet.

There are a lot of videos available on YouTube and you should be able to find something that matches your device.

3. Do you know how to make the vape produce vapour?

Many of the vape mods that are used in Malaysia have a button that you just have to press to heat up the coil. The heat from the coil will turn the liquid in the tank into vapour, which you can then inhale.

4. Do you know how to adjust the voltage or power?

Vape mods in Malaysia usually have options for you to adjust your settings. If you’re a first time vaper, it’s best to start at a low voltage and slowly increase it as you test the flavour. If you set the device too high, you might burn your wick and experience a really gross flavour when you inhale.

Now You’re Ready to Start Vaping!

First of all, make sure that you’re in a place where it’s okay to vape. As a rule of thumb, we usually don’t vape in places where we are not allowed to smoke eg. indoors or close to non-smokers.

When you’re good to go, just push the button and inhale. You don’t have to suck too hard as you might usually do when you smoke because the vapour will be released from the device, depending on what tank you’re using.

Wait a little, then exhale.

And there you go! You’ve just taken your first vape puff.

Soon you will start to try new juices and hopefully, you will quit smoking entirely!

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