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April 10, 2016

Five Amazing Drinks Flavoured Vape Juices Made in Malaysia

There’s a wide range of juices available but most of them can be categorised into a few main groups – fruity, creamy, desserts, tobacco, candy, coffee, menthol and drinks.

Drinks flavoured vape juices are flavours that are based on actual drinks. For example, yogurt drinks like Yakult or carbonated beverages like Coke.

Even with the large amount of drinks flavoured vape juices in the market, there are some that stand out among the others. Here at Vape Club International, we have our favourites.

Here are five of them:

Greentea Special by Ann’s Brew


A super delicious drinks flavoured vape juice with a rich green tea flavour. Just slightly sweet, this vape juice is a pleasant brew that gets the green tea flavour right.

This is a beautiful all day vape. We like it on Sunday afternoons, to be vaped while chilling by the pool or even Friday evenings while driving through the city.

It’s a full-flavoured green tea on the inhale, with flavour that opens up even more as you hold it in your mouth. On the exhale, there’s a sweet honey-like flavour with even more tea notes. Delicious!

Funta Grape


Mmmm… if you like Fanta Grape, you will love this flavour based on the drink. It tastes almost exactly the same.

The last time we opened a 30ml bottle, we finished it in less than three days. It was delicious! A superb all day vape.

The inhale is a bubbly sweet grape flavour and on the exhale, the flavour lingers in your mouth just like when you’ve swallowed the beverage.

Mango Lassi


At one point a super popular vape juice, Mango Lassi is a rich mango-flavoured drinks-based flavour that imitates the drink to a point!

The inhale is creamy mango blended with a slight yogurt-y sourness that ensures you never get bored of the sweet creaminess.

Although this isn’t one of our top favourites, it definitely deserves a spot on this list of our favourite drinks flavoured vape juices.

Grandeur Real Root Beer


A super cold, fizzy root beer flavour, Grandeur Real Root Beer is one vape juice that is always out of stock in stores. Vapers buy this juice in bulk, with the average Dr Brew fan buying at least 3 bottles at a time.

For those who love cold vape juices, this is perfect as it’s so cold that it may even give you brain freeze.

It’s a refreshing juice to vape on any hot day ie. every day in Malaysia.

Cloud Chasers Sirap Bandung

A delicious vape juice flavour, it tastes just like the drink that it’s based on. Sirap bandung is a Malaysian beverage that’s made with rose syrup and condensed milk, a staple at every mamak (a type of eatery in Malaysia).

The inhale is a creamy pink-like flavour, sweet and rosy. As you hold the flavour, the creaminess opens up even more, creating a richness in your mouth. On the exhale, even more sweetness is released and finishes off the flavour with a delicious refreshing-ness.

A gorgeous flavour!

Agree or Disagree?

Do you agree that these are amazing flavours? Agree or disagree, let us know in the comments!


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