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Creamy Suckerz

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One of the best creamy flavours in Malaysia, Creamy Suckerz comes in two amazing flavours

Just released over a year ago, Creamy Suckerz produces some of the best creamy flavours in Malaysia. They’re complex and yet produce clean flavours that tantalise your taste buds.

Two creamy flavours that we really love are produced by Creamy Suckerz.

Banana Anna

Banana Anna is a beautiful banana cream flavour. The inhale is fresh banana with hints of vanilla. Sweet cream flavours continue to linger in your mouth and on the exhale, the banana blossoms even more.

It’s one of the best creamy banana flavours available in the Malaysian market with the creaminess of the flavour balancing out and complementing the fruity banana.

Veryberry Flan

We love this flavour even more than Banana Anna. Veryberry Flan is extremely addictive and can even make you feel hungry.

The inhale is sweet berry cream. There are hints of pastry as the vapour moves across your palate. On the exhale, the pastry flavour deepens and feels like you’re eating fresh out the oven flan.

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