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February 04, 2016

Tons of enthusiastic customers have been asking and debating over which countries produce the best vape juices in the world. We’ve done some research to find out the world’s best e-liquid producing countries. And by research we mean we tried shit tons of vape juices.

Countries with the Best Vape Juices

There are a few main countries where one can get a good supply of vape juices and in this post, we will examine the juices and review them by country.

United States

E-liquid manufacturers in the United States. produce some of the very best vape juices that have the finest creamy and rich flavours.

Vape e-liquids that come from the US boast an extremely complex taste profile that only vape connoisseurs with a highly developed taste profile can even come close to appreciating. Brewers in the US put a crazy amount of effort into each and every product.

The more commonly known ones are Five Pawns (Castle Long is one of my absolute favourites), Cosmic Fog, Suicide Bunny, Kilo, Cuttwood, etc.

In terms of pricing, most of these brands are highly priced, at more than $22USD at retail for a 30ml bottle – which their brand and product totally justifies. However, I have to admit that most of the fruity-based juices that I’ve tried have not been impressive.

A fun fact is that when we spoke to a few regular customers from Europe, they mentioned that most people there are quite afraid of the diacetyl levels reportedly found in several US juices and that they exclusively vape juices from Malaysia!


We took a random 30-bottle sample out of 120 different Indonesian juices and tried all of them. A few of these flavours (one of them being Big Ben’s Athena) are extremely high quality in terms of taste; comparable to flavours from Five Pawns.

Indonesian juices are priced at about $9-12 for a 30ml bottle. Once again, I have to admit that non-creamy juices from Indonesia didn’t really capture our attention.


A few years back, the Malaysian vape community was heavily influenced by the Filipino’s enthusiasm over vaping.

I’ve personally tried only one. Called Clouds of Icarus, this was truly one of the best brands I’ve ever vaped for fruity juices.

The Filipinos were legends around Malaysia back in the day but sadly the vape scene there has taken a giant slump after the amount of propaganda released against their vape scene.


The vape industry in Malaysia has been booming in the past two years and it has seen tons of new blends that are high quality at very affordable prices.

Most Malaysian juices cater to its local taste profile, which means that most of the juices tend to be on the sweet side.

Thus far, the best fruity juices I’ve tasted are made by brewers in Malaysia. Some of my favorites include Mystree, Half & Half’s Watermelon Lychee and AJ Vape’s Mango Blackcurrant.

As the industry matures, more brewers are developing flavors that are coming close to being as complex as those from the US.

One of my favorite creamy flavours is Creamy Suckerz VeryBerry Flan.

What do you think? Are there any other countries that you think deserves mention? Tell us about it in the comments!

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