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April 13, 2016

Discover a range of mango-flavoured vape juices in Malaysia

Malaysians have a penchant for fruity vape juices. And one fruit that abounds in many of the juices available in the Malaysian market are mango-flavoured vape juices. From mixed fruit with mango to plain and pure mango vape juices, if you like mango, you’re in a wonderland.

While there’s a large range of mango-flavoured vape juices are available, there are definitely some that are superior to others. Here, we highlight five of our favourites.

Mango Most Mango Lychee


A rich, totally perfect mango lychee flavour, the Mango Most Mango Lychee is a popular one among many vapers. Besides offering more value – it comes in a 60ml bottle at a retail price of 10USD – it also accurately captures the flavour of mango. Visit Mango Most website for more information. 

AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant

While it may be a mango flavour, AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant is not just any old mango flavour. It’s one of the most sought after mango-flavoured vape juices worldwide.

A well-balanced mix of mango and blackcurrant, this juice by AJ Vape will knock the socks off anyone who likes fruity and cold flavours.

Thirsty Juice Sweet Mango


All hail Thirsty Juice! Thirsty Juice's Sweet Mango is our latest favourite. Comes with chilly koolada and is very sweet. It is one of our bestsellers in the time of writing.

A super tasty pure mango blend, this juice by Thirsty Juice will be an evergreen favourite for anyone who likes fruity and cold flavours.

Throne The Lady

Close your eyes and imagine sipping a rich mango cocktail on a tropical island. The Bubu Island vape juice captures that feeling perfectly.

A blend of pineapple and mango, Throne Liquids' The Lady is one superb mango-flavoured vape juice that could definitely be an all day vape.

Cloud Niners Mango

Ahhh, the sweet freshness of mango in high VG. If you’ve never heard of the Cloud Niners Mango, you live under a rock, or probably just picked up vaping.

A super popular vape juice in 2015, it was constantly out of stock and moved faster than the Road Runner beeping away from Wild E. Coyote.

Masterblend Mangoking


Another pure mango flavour, this one is fresh and delightful, especially with its super cold finish.

Masterblend Mangoking is our absolute favourite mango-flavoured vape juice.

EDIT : Nasty Juice Fat Boy is also a noteworthy mention. Also check out other mango flavored e-juices on our store.

Got any other mango-flavoured vape juices that you love?

Share it with us! Tell us what it’s called, what mix is in the juice and what you love about it.

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