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Best Blackcurrant Vape Juices

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The Best Blackcurrant Vape Juices to Puff On This Summer

In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s almost summer, which means that the Sun’s coming out to play! One of the freshest fruity vape flavours to puff on during hot weather is the humble blackcurrant.

Used in jams, jellies, candy and cordials, blackcurrant is a flavour that many of us have grown up eating, tasting and loving. It’s a familiar and comforting flavour to have in a vape juice.

The cooling sweetness and slight tanginess of blackcurrant makes it a beautiful flavour for all-day vaping. It’s light enough and tasty enough to keep a person wanting more.

Sharing our favourite blackcurrant vape juices

At Vape Club International, we have our favourite blackcurrant flavours. Whether a mixed berry flavour or a straight-up blackcurrant, these brands have managed to extract all the goodness of blackcurrant and put it into vapour.

Nasty Juice Bad Blood



Slightly cold, super tasty flavour, Nasty Juice Bad Blood has an amazing taste profile. Although its main flavour is blackcurrant, some vapers say that they are even able to taste hints of strawberry, and blueberry. Perhaps because it’s such a fresh-tasting flavour.

With an amazing value of RM50 for 40ml, Bad Blood comes in aluminium bottles that boast gorgeous designs. The bottles are light and sturdy, which is probably why some vapers even use them to keep other juices.

One of the Malaysian juices that are super popular worldwide now, Bad Blood is flying off our shelves and is something that we’re constantly restocking.

Cloud Niners Blackcurrant



This rich blackcurrant flavour comes in high VG liquid, which makes it perfect for cloud chasers. Even with its high VG level (juices that are high VG usually lack in flavour), Cloud Niners Blackcurrant is still one of the better blackcurrant flavours in the market.

A no-frills blackcurrant juice, its flavour is thick, luscious and will envelop your taste buds with the sumptuous berry flavour. What’s also great is that it comes at an ultra value price of RM45 for 55ml!

This juice is colder than Bad Blood making it great for those who prefer the possibility of brainfreeze when they vape.

Grandeur Squinsy Berries


While not totally a blackcurrant flavour, Grandeur Squinsy Berries does contain blackcurrant as one of its main flavours. It’s more of a berry mix, with blackcurrant being one of the more prominent flavours in the blend.

Like most Malaysian vape juices, Squinsy Berries has a cooling finish that makes the blackcurrant and berry flavour even more refreshing. Totally perfect for hot weather vaping.

What other mixed berry flavours have you tried? Which are your favourites?

Masterblend Superstar


One of the best blackcurrant flavours that we’ve tried, Masterblend Superstar is a totally delightful flavour.

Its not-altogether unique packaging and relatively lower price might make it seem like a non-premium flavour but with a delectable flavour like that, it truly doesn’t matter.

Masterblend Superstar is rich, smooth, sweet and just slightly tangy, which makes it a super addictive vape juice. A full-bodied blackcurrant flavour, it’s certainly one of our favourites.

Due to its clean, clear taste of blackcurrant, it’s one of the juices that we keep on standby for times when we’re tired of new flavours and just want to curl up with a delicious and familiar vape juice.


It may be called Mystree, but this juice is certainly no mystery to those who have been vaping for some years.

Created by the same brewer as Kryptic, Mystree is a blackcurrant cream blend that’s super cold and super smooth.

Although it can sometimes be too sweet for those who prefer their vape juices without sugar, it is an amazingly balanced blend that’s just slightly creamy to give it a full-bodied finish.

Equal Purple


Inspired by the famous blackcurrant cordial that’s a staple in most Malaysian households, Equal Purple is a cold, Ribena-flavoured vape juice.

For those who’ve never tried it – first of all, are you joking? But seriously – it’s a delicious beverage that’s perfect for hot weather days.

I still remember days when I could come home after school, sweaty from running around, getting up to things that only primary school children would get up to, and there in the fridge would be a cold jug of Ribena.

I have friends who claim that they never drank water until they turned 12. Apparently they only drank milk and Ribena.

77 Flavor British Blackcurrant

Pay a visit to your local vape store and look through their display shelves. If they have juices by 77 Flavor, the bottles will surely stand out.

Packaged in its iconic long-tipped bottle, 77 Flavor British Blackcurrant is another must-try for those who love blackcurrant flavours.

Priced at RM40 for 35ml of e-liquid, this Malaysian vape juice is a delightfully fuss-free blackcurrant flavour that’s easy to love.

Got other blackcurrant flavours to recommend? Drop us a line!

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