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July 12, 2017


From the creators of the popular Fantasi Grape Ice and Fantasi Orange Ice, this new eXtasy series is another range of flavours that combine fruits and/or drinks to deliver delicious fruity flavours.

I will be reviewing two flavours, both of which have a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and come in a 60ml bottle.

I will give a brief description and my thoughts on the flavours and at the end of the review, I will also be giving some coil build recommendations to bring out the full potential of the flavours and to enhance your vaping experience with these flavours.

I would also like to mention that this review will be solely based on my personal preference and vaping experience, so do give these flavours a try yourself as you might have different opinions. Sit back, enjoy reading.

eXtasy Mango Blackcurrant

The Mango Blackcurrant flavour in the eXtasy series is a mixture of sweet ripe mango and sweet juicy blackcurrant. The two fruits mix well together to create a taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a refreshing blend that will cool you off on hot days.

For fans of cold flavours, this will also satisfy your craving for a cooling sensation that tingles your brain. Even though the flavour contains 70% VG, the taste is not mild at all meaning you can enjoy a sweet flavourful taste while producing massive clouds at the same time.

Going more in-depth, the flavour is also smooth so if you are not a fan of flavours that are rough and have heavy throat hits, then don’t worry because this flavour is smooth on the inhale and exhale.

eXtasy Electric Lemonade

The second flavour in the eXtasy series is Electric Lemonade, which is a mix of champagne and lemonade. The mixture of fine iced champagne paired with refreshing sour lemonade proves to be an excellent combination.

Lemonade flavours are quite common in the market but mixtures of champagne and lemonade is still considerably uncommon.

Just like the Mango Blackcurrant flavour, even though it contains 70% VG the taste is not mild at all.

However, it is not as sweet as the Mango Blackcurrant and it is also not cold at all. Instead it has a very refreshing taste that is not overwhelming, making it a potential all-day vape.

This is personally my favourite out of the two because unlike the Mango Blackcurrant flavour, it is not a very common flavour.

The taste is pleasant and different from other lemonade flavours that are in the market.

Coil Build Recommendations

Single/Double Coil Tanks:

For single coil tanks, I would recommend using 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 2.5mm inner coil diameter. The reason being, it will provide you with lower ohm resistance that a single coil tank can handle and it will also bring out better flavour.

The flavour will also depend on the tank that you are using. For example, I’m currently using the Hurricane V2 tank which is more suitable for creamy flavours because of its tight airflow which is why I would recommend using this flavour if you have a single coil tank that has wider airflow such as the Kanger Subtank.

As for double coil tanks, I would recommend using 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 2.5mm or 3.0mm inner coil diameter depending on the size of the deck.

This will provide you with stronger flavour as well as decent cloud production. Unlike single coil tanks, double coil tanks don’t really vary in terms of flavour because most of the double coil tanks have wide airflows, some non-adjustable, so it will still give you strong flavour and nice cloud production.


For drippers, I would recommend using 24 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire, 7 wraps and 3.0mm inner coil diameter. The flavour will be milder compared to tanks but it will produce bigger and denser clouds.

The flavour does vary for drippers depending on the size of the airflow. Some drippers that have smaller airflows will produce a stronger flavour as compared to drippers with larger airflows.

For example, I am currently using a Druga RDA which has a very large airflow, so fruity flavours on this dripper will taste milder compared to drippers such as the Mutation XV4 but if your aim is to cloud chase then the larger the airflow, the better.

For more advanced users, one of the coil builds I would recommend using is 26 gauge kanthal or nichrome wire parallel coils, 5-6 wraps and 2.5mm inner coil diameter.

This coil build will provide very strong flavour on a dripper and it will also produce massive clouds. The reason why I am against beginners attempting to build this coil build is because the ohm resistance is a lot lower than your average builds so if you are not careful and lack experience, it can be dangerous.

If you are a beginner and you would like to try out this build, get an experienced vaper that you know and get them to build it for you.

There are also other coil builds that you can try out with drippers such as clapton coils, fused claptons, framed stapled coils, and so on, but these coils can have many specifications so if you have the time and are experienced enough, you can try out these builds with different specifications and find the one that tastes the best with these flavours.


Dripper Tanks:

For dripper tank users, I would recommend using the same coil builds as drippers. However, there are some dripper tanks that have an optional setting for either single coil or double coil.

For this, I would recommend using the double coil setting as it gives better flavour and better cloud production. Also, for dripper tanks that have wider airflow such as the Limitless RDTA, I would recommend closing it off to about half open so that it will give better flavour.

I would also like to mention that the builds I mentioned above on drippers for advanced users, they can also be used on dripper tanks because both specifications of drippers and dripper tanks are not very different.

That’s all, thanks for taking the time to read!

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