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February 07, 2017


Vaping has taken the world by storm since its inception a few years back. Initially created for smokers to kick the habit, vaping has now become a subculture in its own right, attracting both ex-smokers, and non-smokers alike.

However, that does not detract vaping from its original purpose as a tool to quit smoking. As such, vape juices are usually infused with nicotine so the user is still able to continue using nicotine without the health risks associated with smoking tobacco.

Different mg levels in a vape juice are an indicator of the nicotine levels contained in the juice. Predictably, a higher mg level indicates a higher nicotine content, and vice versa.

So what’s the difference?

What is the difference then, you ask, between higher mg levels and lower mg levels?

Personally, the difference lies in the vaping sensation. Vape juices with a higher nicotine content tend to result in a stronger “hit” in the throat, which replicates the act of smoking more accurately.

As any ex-smoker (or current smoker) will tell you, the “hit” from smoking forms a large part of the smoking experience, which is highly habit forming, especially when coupled with an addictive substance like nicotine.

As such, smokers who have just begun vaping as a means to kick the habit will usually begin using vape juices with a higher mg level.

The overall sensation of vaping: the inhaling and exhaling of vapour, and the “hit” at the back of the throat will be able to successfully replicate the act of smoking, which then succeeds in converting an ex-smoker to a vaper.

How to quit smoking

A well-trodden path is to begin vaping with juices containing higher levels of nicotine as a way of cushioning the transition from cigarettes to vaping. Over time, they are able to wean themselves off their addiction to nicotine by slowly, and gradually, vaping juices with a lower nicotine content.

This brings me to the point I’m getting to, what are the differences then between juices with and without nicotine?

At the beginning of your journey to quit smoking, I’d say the differences might be stark and noticeable. But after a while, 0mg juices are able to provide an indistinguishable vaping experience to the higher mg level juices.

Thanks to Vape Club International, I’ve been able to sample three 0mg juices which taste great, while also satisfying the elusive “smoking” sensation we’re all looking for. Smoking without the drawbacks of nicotine and tar? Sign me up!

Throne - The Mad Queen

The first juice I sampled was Throne - the Mad Queen. This juice is extremely reminiscent of shisha smoking, as it is an intoxicating blend of apples, aloe vera, lychee, and apple wood.

The flavours can be felt at each step of the vaping experience, from a sweet, apple-y taste on the inhale, to a blend of aloe vera and lychee while in the mouth, followed by a slight hint of apple wood on the finish. Amazing stuff!

0mg Pink Guava

Next up, I was able to try the 0mg Pink Guava flavour.

Now, I’ve only ever tried Pink Guava in fruit juices, so I was quite intrigued as to what a Pink Guava vape juice might taste like.

As a fan of fruity vape juices over the sweet, creamier types, I was immediately hooked onto this juice.

As the name suggests, it very accurately replicates the Pink Guava flavour, and I was refilling my tank again in no time.

Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello

Finally, I was presented with the Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello. This juice managed to draw some apprehension on my part, as I am usually not a fan of anything strawberry flavoured.

With my first puff of this juice, there was a taste of fresh strawberry jam, with a slightly cooling, minty effect. Thumbs up for the cooling effect, but this juice didn’t tick all the boxes for me due to my personal dislike of the strawberry flavour.

However, if you enjoy a cooling vape juice, and are also a fan of strawberry (unlike me!), then this 0mg juice definitely deserves your consideration.

What do you think about vaping 0mg juices? Let us know by leaving your comments after the break!

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